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Issue: March 2013 Newsletter
The Fire and the Phoenix

By Miriam Plass
The four poems below are in sequence and follow the experience of being in the Fire and The Phoenix week end this February, in Cape Town with Caroline Carey. The last poem, The Dancer Within, has been waiting for a voice, seeded by an invitational remark from Ya’Acov…. waiting, till now, to come to fruition.

I hadn’t planned or expected to be there, fixing my sights on the visit of Ya’Acov and Susannah in April. But the dancer within has her own voice and her heart calls its insistent call with undeniable voice.

One bows to the voice of the goddess! Is there a muse of the dance, I wonder, and will look to find her name. She is potent. I heard her call in all the voices that spoke in the circle gathered … why are you here … why dance… all voiced her insistent heart song to feel Her, feel Self, express and know Self; a gathering of kindred spirits..

We started in familiar territory; Earth Fire Water Air, each one of us created our circle,….. and carried through  to dance Female and Male in all their guises; a litany of story told in movement.

To dance the synthesis of these archetypal energies stretched us … the impact of dancing the last day was, is indescribable.

 What we did, as I experienced and moved was an invitation to dance the blending of these energies for and in Community.

So, three circles, the inner to contain the magic of the uniting dance, the second ring holding the feminine energy, the outer ring the male. That much is describable, what happened is still pulsing, beyond words. That something of power happened I know, what that is, what the rings of power have and will carry…. How the pattern of steps in the grand dance of life may shift…. is for the god of the dance still to reveal.

That’s my take of it.

Miriam Platt


The Fire and the Phoenix 1


Dancing the elements.


Planted in my body

And beyond

Anchored energy

Soars and sweeps

Glides and graces

Each element

Giving its essence

To living




The Fire and The Phoenix  2

In My Circle


Crystals came

I am graced


Fire in their heart

Light in their faces


I dance with the wind

With the winged ones


Each element


Bone and breath


Informs all essences

To breath and move

in powerful



Fire and Phoenix; 3

(The end of the first day)


The dance of Male and Female


 Long after

The dance is done

The rhythms still beat


The energies speak 

Heat and sensation

Pulse and penetration.


The question

How does male and female grow in me to be expressed as power and grace?


The Dancer Within

(after the Fire and the Phoenix)







Waiting for the call

For streams of sound

To reach the sleeping pathways;


Finest carriers of life essence

From somnolence

To waking


Earth, Fire Water Air

All the elements engaged


The dancer within stirs,

Hears, responds, rises.


Finds the rhythm

Finds presence constellating.


The dancer,



Beyond male

Beyond female

Beyond separation

Dancing all the elements of life


Feels the essence within

This life

My life

All life

Dedicated to remembering

The presence I am

Miriam Platt

p.s. The dancer within is indeed ageless, in my case she lives in a body that has lived 72  summers….and has rarely been called forth…. Ya’Akov’s invitation to write about her came after we had danced the  Re Creation workshop in Cape Town ….. ( if you do include the picture I sent  with my first poem  her /my hands give evidence of my age!)

p.p.s. The word Napunsakalinga  in the last poem is a  Sanskrit word’ beyond gender’ but including the essences , the poem indicates the meaning.

And lastly, as an afterthought , what I do know about the last day dancing in the centre of the Fire circle, was at first  dancing the Sovereign/ Warrior energy… and towards the end, dancing the Healer/ Magician energy. It took some stillness after my writing for that knowing to arise.

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