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Issue: March 2013 Newsletter
Why study Movement Medicine?

By Susannah and Ya'Acov
On our travels, we have been asked many times: Why study Movement Medicine? So we decided to have a go at answering……..

Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan are the founders of Movement Medicine. They have each been working and learning in the field of human transformation for 30 years. Their work integrates the “micro” work of personal healing with the “macro” awareness of each of us having a part to play within the big picture.

So what is so particular about Movement Medicine?

  • Movement Medicine is an integration of contemporary Shamanic, Psychotherapeutic, Artistic, Scientific and Environmental Wisdom
  • Movement Medicine teaches embodied awareness practice through conscious and dynamic movement practice. It allows us to go deep, transform and heal, whilst tuning into the “joy stream” of aliveness. 
  • Movement Medicine refers to the transformative healing properties of movement and music
  • Movement Medicine is a radical embodied approach to personal and collective transformation through conscious dance
  • Movement Medicine offers a toolkit of fine tuned methodologies for transformation for the times we live in now
  • Movement Medicine has come through the experience, relationship and study of Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. It offers balanced male and female teaching and leadership. We focus on the dynamic equilibrium of Yin and Yang, reflected in the balance between such polarities as being and doing, acceptance and evolution, individual autonomy and committed community, all of which give rise to the creative possibilities of co-creation
  • Our Apprenticeship and Professional Training includes ongoing one-to-one support and mentorship throughout
  • We offer the opportunity to study contemporary Shamanism, Ritual and Ceremony in a grounded and responsible way that is about finding one’s true place and offering
  • In our Apprenticeship and Professional Training, students learn to harness the strength, clarity and beauty of the Movement Medicine mesa or energy field
  • Our work is dedicated to being of benefit to all our relations. Our work integrates awareness of personal and global issues
  • Each year apprentices assist on the community give away of The Long Dance, a ceremonial Movement Medicine event which raises awareness, energy and money (so far more than £150,000-00) for a wide variety of life supporting projects
  • The Apprenticeship is a gateway to an ongoing community of depth, shared practice and possibilities for co-creation
  • Most of our residential events take place in a beautiful purpose built studio in the exquisite surroundings of South Devon in the UK
  • In Movement Medicine Ya’Acov and Susannah have integrated their 18 years of experience as two of the foremost 5 Rhythms teachers in the world, over 20 years of personal and professional mentoring with Helen Poynor (in the lineages of Anna Halprin, Suprapto Suryodarmo), trainings in Family Constellations and Gestalt Psychotherapy (Susannah) and study with traditional shamans from the Amazon to the Arctic. They are both totally committed to their ongoing study both within Movement Medicine and in the many traditions from around the world that fuse personal and community healing, art, prayer and action on behalf of the life that sustains us all.

We’d love to hear your answers too and we’ll offer a free weekend workshop to the best answer to arrive with us before April 21st.

Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan.


Movement Medicine – An Evolutionary Step in Dance

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