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Is that in your job description?
By Roland
I appeared at the door of the kitchen and politely asked Chris, the Chef at Rill, if he had a plaster I could have for my finger. more>
Effing Plastics
By Susannah
At the Long Dance last year, the year of bats, butterflies and mud… there was a moment when we had to call in help with serious rising water under the ground which was threatening to turning some areas of the floor into a big muddy puddle. more>
Why is the Phoenix the Centre of the Movement Medicine Mandala?
By Ya'Acov
As usual, I’m writing to you from the train. This time, I’m at the beginning of another journey to Palestine and Israel to offer a little Movement Medicine into the hot pot of the Middle Eastern maelstrom. We’re not even at the Spring Equinox yet and 2013 has already been full of teachings on so many levels. more>
Forty, Paris, Love Stories and time
By Sinéad Cullen
November 2012 after returning from Love Stories in Paris: ..and so I'm back from Paris and my first 40 years are complete and the next 40 have begun. As I moved yesterday morning I was struck with the realisation that I thought that something would have changed in me on turning 40. more>
The Fire and the Phoenix
By Miriam Plass
The four poems below are in sequence and follow the experience of being in the Fire and The Phoenix week end this February, in Cape Town with Caroline Carey. The last poem, The Dancer Within, has been waiting for a voice, seeded by an invitational remark from Ya’Acov…. waiting, till now, to come to fruition. more>
Why study Movement Medicine?
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
On our travels, we have been asked many times: Why study Movement Medicine? So we decided to have a go at answering…….. more>
My Mum
By Suannah
As many of you know, my mother Elizabeth has been ill with ovarian cancer. I want to give you an update of how she is (much better) and to say thank you for all the love and prayers for her (and for me) which have been so generously offered by many of you. more>
Movement Shop
By Susannah I’ve just had the great pleasure of working with Thomas Ritthoff, the master drummer behind the CD ‘Nanigo’ which some of you will already know and love. We were at “Resonance” in North Germany, with a great group of courageous people who brought their own songs into the world, which blessed and uplifted us all. more>
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