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Issue: February 2013 Newsletter
I must have needed to dance really badly

By Roland
It was just before 7.0 pm when the phone rang. I was feeling cold and very damp. We had just returned from walking for 4 hours in the hills in a constant drizzle and, a bit like lots of the teenagers I see walking to our local school, I had refused to wear my waterproof jacket maintaining that my excellent fleece would keep out the wet. Now I realised I had been very mistaken. The drizzle had seeped through my woollen fleece and shirt and soaked my vest and now that I had stopped walking was causing me to shiver.

I answered the phone.  It was a young woman – lets call her Anna.  She said “Can you help me please.  I’ve signed up for the webinars but my payment hasn’t been processed yet.”

I replied I would deal with it straight away and switched on my computer, processed her payment and sent her the instructions by email. 

Not only was I cold, but the house was cold too and I set to lighting the wood-burning stove.  There are many wonderful things about living in an idyllic country cottage relying on wood you have cut yourself for heating, but there are just a few times when the convenience of a central heating switch would be very welcome.  This was one such time. 

I made the fire very quickly with an assortment of bits of cardboard, dried kindling and various sizes of logs – my ultra-purist approach to fire lighting means that fire-lighters are not allowed in the house.  I lit a match and applied it to one of the bits of cardboard and watched as the flames spread through the easily combustible material at the bottom of the stove. There is now a period of 2 to 3 minutes when the fire needs careful attention and may require the addition of a few more bits of cardboard or kindling.  However the phone went again.

It was Anna!

“I’ve followed the webinar instructions but I don’t think my account has been activated yet.”  I agreed to activate the account immediately.

By the time I returned to the wood-burning stove I was dismayed to see the layer of cardboard and kindling at the bottom had burned through but the upper layers had not caught at all.  I re-laid the fire, applied the match and watched as the flames leaped up through the layers of material and was satisfied that all was well & I closed the stove door.

The phone rang a third time.

“Yes?” I said.

“It’s Anna here again.  I still can’t get through to the webinar site.”

I was now determined to get the bottom of her problem right there and then and so we spent the next five minutes talking through the process of accessing the webinar site.

“But I still can’t see the webinar.” She said.

“But there is no webinar tonight.  The webinar is on Tuesday.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, absolutely.  The webinars are always on Tuesdays.  You can watch one of the webinars in the archive section though.”

The next morning I received the following email.

“Sorry again for bothering you on a Sunday. I must have needed to dance really badly to get so confused with the dates, lol.  I ended up dancing to the December webinar – it was awesome.”

I found this email really heartening.  It was not just the apology, or the farcical proceeding of the previous night, it was the fact that she had got what she needed- she had been able to dance.  Since we began the webinar we have been very aware of the fact that many people have a real difficulty getting out to a class or a workshop and the webinars offer one of the few chances that they get to dance with guidance. And some people, like Anna, just need to dance sometimes.

We have priced the webinars very competitively at £35 for 10 webinars.  In addition to taking part in the live webinars you can also watch any of the recorded webinars at any time you want.  You can sign up by going to The next webinar takes place on Tuesday 12th February at 7.30.

And if you want a flavour of the webinars without committing yourself you can watch a short extract from the December webinars by going to

We are getting a number of enquiries about the next Apprenticeship Programme which starts in in August 2014, so we thought it might be useful to give out the following information here:.

We have three absolute prerequisites which are: Journey of Empowerment, Initiation and the Phoenix Retreat. There is also one additional workshop “Re-Creation”, which we very strongly recommend. In the past, we have said that these workshops need to be taken in a specific order. We have recently decided to be more flexible with this. All these workshops are intensives and can be taken just on their own merit. You are free to do them in any order, though there is sense in the way the are laid out in our brochure.

Please click on the links below to get to further information.  You can also download any of the application forms which you can complete online and return to me by

The Phoenix Retreat
March 3rd – 10th  2013 
Application form

Journey of Empowerment 
Module 1 27th March - 1st April
Module 2 18 -23 June 
Module 3 18 – 23 Oct 2013
Deadline for Early Booking Discount Jan 21st 
Application form  

1 -5 May 2013
Deadline for Early Booking Discount Feb 27th
Application form     

27 Sept – 6th Oct  2013
Deadline for Early Booking Discount May 14th 

Application form   

The Apprenticeship Programme 
18 - 27 Aug, 5 -14 December 2014,
June 28th - 7th July, 23 Oct – 1st Nov. 2015
Application deadline Feb 28th 2014


In March Ya’Acov will be teaching Fire in the Heart in Israel from 15-16th.  For more details and to book please contact Aviya + 972 9

He will also be teaching Circle and the Sword in Paris on 29 – 31.  Please contact Pierre-Henri +33 615 325 816

Susannah will be teaching her voice and movement residential intensive Resonance 14 -17 March at the Pegasus Centre near Hamburg. This year accompanied by Thomas the lead drummer of Nanigo. Contact Edgar +49 40 1888 65 95  Very few places left on this one. 

Hoping all your needs to dance are met


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