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I must have needed to dance really badly
By Roland
It was just before 7.0 pm when the phone rang. I was feeling cold and very damp. We had just returned from walking for 4 hours in the hills in a constant drizzle and, a bit like lots of the teenagers I see walking to our local school, I had refused to wear my waterproof jacket maintaining that my excellent fleece would keep out the wet. Now I realised I had been very mistaken. The drizzle had seeped through my woollen fleece and shirt and soaked my vest and now that I had stopped walking was causing me to shiver. more>
Inter-being and the Winter Dream Dance.
By Susannah
We’re just emerging from the Winter Gathering and Winter Dream Dance which is for all Apprentices; the current Apprentices and those from the first Apprenticeship. It is the ‘moon’ to the ‘sun’ of the Summer Long Dance, a chance for the Apprenticeship community to gather inwards and water our roots. more>
Emerging from the Womb of Winter
By Ya'Acov
So much has happened since I last wrote an article for our newsletter, it’s hard to know where to begin. ‘If in doubt, start where you are,’ I hear my Wise Elder whisper in answer to a little prayer for inspiration as my train cuts a purple line through the flooded landscape of the South West. Ok, so where am I? I’m on my way to Switzerland to teach Return of the Light, a workshop that celebrates the old Celtic Festival of Imbolc. I was wondering how my dictionary describes Imbolc: more>
Inner and Outer Adventures in Ecuador
By Susannah
As many of you know, we are recently back from Ecuador, where we were co-leading an international group visiting the Achuar in the Amazon with David Tucker. David has been with the Pachamama Alliance since nearly the beginning and he has developed the Pachamama Journeys programme over the last 14 years. more>
A Poem
By Hannah Mackay

I don’t want to talk to you about
Or forgiveness.
I want to step back into the place
Where things were whole. more>
Another 21 Gratitudes!
Highlights of the beautiful music from the Long Dance 2011 are now available as an MP3 download from the Movement Medicine Shop which takes you through a journey through the Movement Medicine mandala. Its called "Another 21 Gratitudes" and is available from the ENJOY!