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Issue: January 2013 Newsletter
Requiem for Journey of Empowerment 2012

By Various Members of the Journey of Empowerment 2012

Every one of you rocked. You arrived in yourself, over and over. And then in the vibration of welcome and acceptance you created so strongly together, you came “out”. As individuals you each shone with your own original, creative flame. Together you were such a power, blazing with love and life.

I am proud to have been part of this journey, and wish each of you good next steps and integrations. With thanks to the mystery which holds us, and the beautiful, generous, inclusive, laughing, creative, spirit of JOE 2012.

Julia Prievitzer

In JOE I really became aware that in the uniqueness of each one of us there is such beauty and abundance and that the diversity is such a big gift for the community. The more the uniqueness of each one of us was revealed, the more I felt connected with the group, with myself and with the Devine. I no longer need to try to put myself in a box to be able to survive. I feel empowered to live my unique life and to make my unique contribution.

I feel deeply impressed by Susannah´s way of teaching. Until now, learning meant for me to put as much stuff as possible into my brain. Susannah supported us to uncover what is already there. It felt like breathing out deeply for the first time.

 JOE was a journey into my heart, a journey towards my love and passion for life. I felt welcomed in the group and accepted as I am and I could allow myself to be vulnerable and to be seen in my vulnerability. And I deeply felt that in my vulnerability and softness there is my strength.

Nicole Sander

Great to be with so many people in love and respect for each other and been seen, it allowed me to be myself. I feel much more centered in my body.

Christine Pechan

My JoE-Rap

Full of gratitude and love
For your great support
I share with you my steps
And hope you will enjoy.

"I'm a healing woman
Wild, strong and free
On my Journey I got power
To set me free."

Remember who you are
With your voice bring it out
Come into your dance
And use your chance.

Find your incantation
Don't be shy
Fulfil your dream
With courage, love and joy.

Take care of your circle
Release your old shit
Fill up the empty space
And choose what you wish.

Look into the mirror
What do you see?
Your beloved human being
A woman strong and free.

Take of your mask
Try to shift your shape
Be woman child healer
All you need is an update.

Go into your heart
To meet your best friend
Ask your Wise Elder
Her support will never end.

And when your heart seems bursting
Cause all feelings are so deep
Join this unique circle
Of our wonderful whole group.

Remember you are welcomed
An accepted beloved part
You can feel it everywhere
Keep it deep in your heart.

Ursula Stamm

I made myself a gift, the gift of getting closer to my inner core and to feel a deep connection to life through the dance and through the plork, Susannah played and worked with us. I am so grateful for the expereince of being hold and accepted as I am from Susannah, the assistents and the groupe: a dive into the ocean of the unknown and then realising that something deep inside happend, healed. A deep healingprocess could happen. I discovered trust, confidence, love, heartopening and a wonderful connection to the groupe. It was the field of loving understanding and being seen, getting resonance from the others as a human being so that a transformation could happen. I see more light and more shadows, I got a wider understanding and a loving acceptance for myself and for others.
I am grateful for the dancing, the singing and the many ways of practicing at home. My wise elder is an important part of my daily life, I got a deeper connection and love for mother earth. I discoverd the force of fire to feel and go for my dreams and wishes. I experienced the widening refreshing way of the wind for my mind. And I could feel the washing renewing energie of the water. And the biggest new gift besides dancing: I sing! I sing! I enjoy singing! I love singing! Since my childhood I was longing for this free feeling of singing again. After many years of singing in choirs and getting instructions how you should sing and not sing I became always pain in my throat while singing. I finally found my very natural voice again and I enjoy singing! No pain! Sometimes I can`t stop myself while walking in the street, at the trainstation, in the bathroom, in nature... oh I am so grateful for this very long old wish of singing, singing my joy, my feelings into the world! I will always keep on dancing and singing. The wish of expressing myself freely, being authentic, creating and cocreating has been strengthened. This wish will always be with me and be a motor for my life as well as for the life of others.
I want to say thank you to Susannah, for your love, your patience, your clarity, your leading and letting go. The space you create for the goupe and in between the groupe is the result of your unconditional love, your following of your dreams and visions. It is a healing and loving space, a heavens place!
Thank you from the depth of my heart Susannah and all!

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