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Issue: January 2013 Newsletter
After The Way of the Dancing Warrior in Hamburg

By Karuna

These are fragments of my inner journey from the workshop. Water, fire and the work with the dance of victim, persecutor and the rescuer. First I am impressed by the intense energy of the elements. It felt so powerful to dance with the elements. This work lets me have a lot of images comming up in the dance and I meet all kind of animals. How powerful.

This seems to be quite different to the 5Rhythms I have danced with you before.There we also worked with the elements, but now I feel like meeting real element power. Sometimes threatening but also very good.


Experiencing the power of the waters.

At the bottom of the water where water meets air is the place of chaos. There I feel the shaking energy of water.

Then I am sinking deeper and feel much softer moved by the flow of water around me.Meeting with animals of the oceans,dolphins.. fish...Hearing the sound of the moving water.

Sinking deeper it is getting darker and darker and more quiet.

Deep down I am sinking to the ground of the ocean.

I feel stillness.

There I meet a squid or an octopus. Then I become the octopus and move like it.

There are moments I become afraid of this immense power of the water.

Another moment the water tells me about their happiness.

The waters tell me that although of all pollutaion they are still happy.This is the place to meet a very peaceful and quite happyness.

I am looking forward to visit this place again.


what a release I don't have to dance Staccato :-)
Maybe I even did, but I didn't have to.

I feel more free to find my own dance.

In the fire I found female fire and was very surprised by this! I danced my fire dance as a woman with female fire. That was a pleasure and felt sooo good.
Something I have a long time looked for and thought it might not exist. Now I know it does exist.

Maybe a year ago on a shamanic drum journey I got the task to find  integrate this energy, now I have danced it!

This is really useful for me.

Dance of victim, persecutor and the rescuer:

In the dance of victim, persecutor and the rescuer I found my grandfather who was NS Soldier. I became him or his energy in the dance. I have never met him, because he died already before I was born and all I know from him is that he was Nazi, he was not married to my grandmother but to someone else and commitet suicide.

In the dance of setting new seeds I had many plans beforehand which kind of seeds I wanted to plant.

Then it came differently and I had to do something, which I had really no wish at all to do, but I did because it came up so strongly.

3 years ago when my daughter was 1 year we had a celebration for her. Welcoming her in the family. We did this celebration instead of a christening. In this celebration we introduced her to the family and to the 4 elements and had a little ceremony with a friend supporting us.

After this I was being excluded from my family and have since then not met them again.

Back to the dance: In planting new seeds I danced the dance of me being victim of being excluded and then I realised, actually I am part of this family, even if I dont like it and cannot be excluded. I included myself back! I met my grandmother (mother of my mother) who has also kind of been excluded from the family and the woman where my mother grew up (my mother didnt) live with her mother who also has been kind of excluded from my family. I danced with them, and then I included me and them back into the family and into the group of women of my family. Then later in the dance my daughter was also included and part of the family and was then welcomed.

There were then in the dance also some already dead grand aunts which came and sayed oh look we have a desended how great and they were happy about it.

They had not known that they have a new memeber in the family- my daughter - but know they know about her and welcomed her.

This was the dance of planting new seeds. I am very curious if this will have any effect on the situation with my family.

Love and deep gratitude to you both Susannah and Ya'Acov and the new work you have created and for going and finding your own way, I cannot express in words how healing the work you both offer has been and still is for me.
The best healing energy I have ever received.
I thank you honestly my whole life for this which I have learned and healed the last 13 years!

Karuna, November 2012


The next Dancing with the Heart of the World workshop will be held in Cape Town, SA on April 18th - 21st. Contact Jayne + 27766963527

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