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Issue: January 2013 Newsletter
Things to look out for in the New Year

By Ya'Acov

In 2013, we once again have a busy programme. We just wanted to bring to your attention a few things that may be of interest to you as readers of this newsletter.

Apprenticeship Programme 2014

2013 is the year for all of you who want to take part in the next apprenticeship programme to make sure that you have all the prerequisites well under way. In 2013, the Journey of Empowerment (end of March, June and October) will be offered at the Rill Centre in Devon. Two modules will be taught by Susannah alone, and the third will be held by us both.

We will both hold our annual Phoenix Retreat at the beginning of March and Ya’Acov will also offer Re-Creation at the beginning of May. The 2013 Initiation Odyssey will continue in its new residential format in September. All of these events are prerequisites for the Apprenticeship programme and please note, though we recommend doing them in the order below, we tend towards the practical and therefore, they can be taken in any order. All of them will take place at the beautiful Rill Estate in Devon with its gorgeous purpose built studio and we look forward to welcoming you there.

Apprenticeship Prerequisites in the recommended order:

1. Journey of Empowerment (Early bird discount booking deadline January 21st)

2. Re-Creation (*)(Early bird discount booking deadline February 27th)  

3. Initiation (Early bird discount booking deadline May 1st)

4. The Phoenix Retreat (Early bird discount booking deadline January 7th)

(*) = not an absolute prerequisite but highly recommended.

Bring the Dance Back Home Webinars Continue

We are SO happy to be able to offer you this service. As we have got to grips with the technology involved, we’ve come to look forward very much to our monthly international get together through the world-wide-web. The last ones that we led in November and December felt so intimate to us. We so strongly felt the connections between us as we all did our practice interconnected across 20 or so countries.

We love the webinars for many reasons. Here’s a few that might tickle your curiosity and encourage you to give it a go. After all, it’s only £35-00 for ten webinars and for that you get access to the whole archive of past webinars!

  • They are a great way to integrate after a weekend or intensive and to be supported to bring your movement practice into your own home.
  • Many people have told us that they have been able to share their practice with friends or family who might never go to a workshop.
  • They are an excellent way to stay in touch with a sense of community if you are unwell or unable to travel
  • You can dance and nobody’s watching so you have privacy. At the same time, you are connected to a network of dancers around the globe who are practicing with you
  • Because they are live, they give us an opportunity to integrate whatever may be going on in the bigger picture in our practice and to receive the support of community
  • If you miss one, you can do it anytime through the archive section of the MMTV website

We are planning to run a fund raising webinar for the Achuar people again, hopefully in the Spring. This involves getting together with a group of friends or fellow students in one of your homes or in a local hall with web access and joining in an intentional dance with practitioners and groups around the world. The music will be a mixture of live and recorded and we plan to bring the webinar to you live from our studio at Rill where you will join a group who will be with us in the space. We tried this once before and we had terrible practical difficulties. Since then, we have ironed out the problems we had and we are confident this one will work fine. We’ll let you know as soon as we have further details.

Finally on the webinars, why not gift someone you love with a subscription?

There is a new sample webinar video at


For those wanting to work with bringing together the medicine of the voice with the medicine of movement, Susannah will be offering Resonance again in Pegasus, a beautiful centre North of Hamburg in March.

Dancing Warrior Men’s Edition

I (Ya’Acov) am very happy that Frank in Holland and a team of committed apprentices have persuaded me to run a men’s workshop once again. It will take place in May at Orval and from the messages I have been receiving, it looks like it’s going to be a strong circle.

The Summer Long Dance

Yes, it’s true. This year we have extended the Summer Long Dance ceremony to the full 72 hours now that there are enough people who have experience of the ceremony. This year it will be limited to 100 dancers.

Lucid Dreaming and Movement Medicine

We are looking at creating a weekend workshop that shares the fundamentals of Movement Medicine and Lucid Dreaming practice. The residential Poetry of Presence workshop with Ya’Acov and Charlie Morley will take place again in 2014.

New Workshops

We will be offering a new weekend workshop called Fulfillment in 2013. Life’s journey can sometimes knock us out of shape and take us down alleyways of distraction that lead us nowhere as we chase someone else’s dream. What does really matter to you? What would it take for you to relax into being the one you are and knowing that you were fulfilled?

New Venues 

In 2014, we are planning to return to teach in Italy as well as bringing Movement Medicine to Croatia and Slovenia. If you would like to organise a Movement Medicine workshop in your area, we have a team of qualified guest teachers available to work with you.

Movement Medicine Association New Website

In the near future, we are delighted that the Movement Medicine Association will launch its new website. This will have details of all the Movement Medicine activities going on around the world led by qualified and apprentice Movement Medicine Teachers and Facilitators. At the time of writing, you can find a list of trained teachers and facilitators by clicking here.


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