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Issue: January 2013 Newsletter
The Dawn of a New Era and the Nature of Empowerment

By Susannah

Journey of Empowerment 2012 has just come to a close. What a blessing to witness this group of individuals grow, blossom and show up, becoming a co-creative, empowered and empowering community.

Step by step we created the ground together of trust and welcome to support each person to “land” more deeply on earth, as unique individuals, and to find welcome in the human community as represented by the group. Step by step we practiced seeing ourselves with truth and love, and setting ourselves free. Our inner ‘wise elders’ became important allies.

On the last module of JOE each individual has the opportunity to create a special creative piece to share with everyone. What a wonder to see and hear the unique, individual treasures revealed. I was moved, awed and full of joy to see and hear each one. I find it extraordinary (and simultaneously wonderful and sad) that we each hold inside us such amazing creative powers and beauty, but that it’s so rare that most people are enabled to share theirs. And it’s actually so simple, what is required…. Simple, but not easy in the world most of us live in.

To bring out and share our original gifts, don’t we have to know we are safe? In order to feel safe doesn’t it help to know that we are loved and valued, simply as the being we are? Don’t we all (or any way most of us!) long for this? Once this experience is rooted in our psyches, it gives a freedom which frees us from “performance” and allows our natural being to shine through. And don’t we long for this too? The joyous freedom to spread our creative wings and discover all that we can be, do, offer.

I’ve come to feel this is the true meaning of empowerment; to drop down through the layers of adaptation and hiding, to that place of simply being oneself, risking revealing the being one really is. Over and over again, it has become clear to me in practice, this truth is beautiful, potent, and real. Each being is unique, original, a unique offering from and for life, and when it is shared we are all the richer.

In this new era, this is what I feel we need. Human creativity switched on. Not just a few “special” ones of us, but a renaissance of remembering ourselves as creators, as creation in the process of unfolding, each with the capacity to lead, to follow, and to create together. Community rather than conformity, individuality rather than individualism, the joy and power of creativity, rather than the passive, junkie thrill of consumerism.

At 12 noon on the 12.12.12, (which apparently was a linked ‘power day’ with 21.12.12) we stopped for a moment of meditation. I had a strong experience of seeing and sensing the interconnectedness of all life as an energetic honeycomb stretching out in 3D. I, in my honeycomb cell, linked and held in the matrix of all the others. I felt profoundly supported by this in a way I have not felt before, and at the same time, empowered to offer and strengthen my offering.

This encapsulates my current understanding of ‘empowerment”: empowerment as “standing in ones individuality, together with all life, making one’s unique offering, supported and supporting, loving and loved, strong enough to be vulnerable, vulnerable and courageous enough to stand up in the true strength of who you really are, and what really matters to you.”  As Van Jones says, “A standing ovation starts with one fool standing up!”

JOE 2012 was held at the beautiful Waldhaus centre in Switzerland. The Waldhaus is situated on a hill. If you go up the hill through the farmland, and take a few turns left and right, you come to a majestic old linden (Lime) tree on the edge of a forest. This tree became important for several people on the group, as a representative of the Tree of Life. They would go and visit with the tree, and share in its benevolent beauty and presence. The tree is on some land owned by a very elderly couple, who love their land, the tree, and were very welcoming. Several group members, whilst visiting the tree, had warm talks with these elders, which deepened over time. So, for the little concert we gave as part of our “thank you” to the Waldhaus staff, the group invited the elders, and the farmer whose nearby cows’ “moos” had kept us company through the group. Everyone came. The farmer and his wife, our “wise elders” and all the staff. The group sang their hearts out. Most of the audience wept, so did many of us. We realized that, though on one level the gift was the songs (and JOE 2012 had by then become a fabulous choir), the real gift was the love that the songs simply were a channel for.

This was a little big moment of integration, sharing with the wider community, for us and for Waldhaus. Afterwards the old man said: “I hope this spreads out through the whole world”, and so do I

With my love and respect for all of us on our journeys of being and becoming, allowing ourselves to be supported and giving all we have to give, step by step.

And wishing you and the world a transformative 2013, for all our relations.


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