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Issue: January 2013 Newsletter
Dancer in Residence

By Jan Rosa Lee - Writer in Residence

I arrived on New Years’ Day at Nappers Crossing: Roland and Susanne’s home (which is also the School of Movement Medicine office); a familiar and re-assuring haven, that I have been welcomed to over many years of travelling the world and frequenting dance workshops. I’ve lugged many a ridiculously sized suitcase over the threshold at Nappers Crossing (or rather Roland has).

Having travelled this festive season from Crete to Switzerland for ‘Dancing with the Heart of the World’ and then on to the UK and participating on a 4-day 5 Rhythms New Year dance  ceremony held in Bristol… I was ready for a little  rest, warmth and stillness before I travel back to Greece.

Roland however has been ‘putting off’ writing his article for the current Newsletter and suggested that I do it for him. So it appears that I’m now ‘writer in residence’… So here we go… The dance goes on with pen and ink.

Reflecting not just on the year that has passed, but on the 20 years that I have been dancing with Susannah and Ya’Acov, I feel glad to know that ‘some things change and some stay the same’…

What has never changed is the deep satisfaction and value-for-money that I have always felt as a student of the Darling Khans – whether in the older days of the 5 Rhythms or in the more recent years of Movement Medicine. The song remains the same… and it’s one of praise!

Dancing with the Heart of the World incorporating the deeply relevant and essential work of the Pachamama Alliance and the Be the Change Symposium fused beautifully with our own personal stories and was a true pleasure. Even the pain was delicious!

I find Susannah and Ya’Acov still working together beautifully, but what has changed is that there is even more refinement, subtlety and sensitivity, and an indescribable ease yet great professionalism in what they do. Their work has become a craft, and their holding is both strong and incredibly gentle and fine. Their essence is the same, AND they have grown as teachers and human beings and it’s obvious  that they walk their talk, and practice certainly makes perfect… This is heart work coming from skill and sensitivity to Spirit.

I come in and out of my own teaching, and in and out of my own practice, but it’s wonderful to know that when I get myself onto the dance floor with my very first teachers, I am as ‘at home’ and relieved to be held and truly ‘seen’ as I was 20 years ago. As for Roland and Susanne, they continue to be as relaxed and constant… both as friends and administrators!

I hope to be putting myself into alignment with Spirit and Matter on the great dance floor much more in 2013… And that includes showing up at some more Movement Medicine workshops and experiencing more of that old familiar and at the same time new and exciting unknown experience that is known as Movement Medicine…

See you there!

Jan Rosa Lee

Forthcoming Workshops

29 Jan - Feb 3  Winter Dream Dance (Apprentices Only) led by Susannah and Ya’Acov at Rill Estate (R) Contact: Roland +44 1803 762255   

8 Feb. Alchemy in Movement led by Caroline Carey, Cape Town, SA.  Contact: Jayne + 27 737487743

9 - 10 Feb. Circle, Fire & the Phoenix led by Caroline Carey,  Cape Town, SA. Contact:  Jayne + 27 737487743

8 Feb. Move! led by Ya’Acov  in Olten, Switzerland Contact:  Kristin +41 78 801 32 10

8 – 10 Feb. Return of the Light led by Ya’Acov in Olten, Switzerland. Contact:  Kristin +41 78 801 32 10

12 Feb. Where you are! Webinar led by  Susannah & Ya'Acov. Contact: Roland +44 1803 762255

There is a new sample Webinar  video available at

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