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Dancer in Residence
By Jan Rosa Lee - Writer in Residence

I arrived on New Years’ Day at Nappers Crossing: Roland and Susanne’s home (which is also the School of Movement Medicine office); a familiar and re-assuring haven, that I have been welcomed to over many years of travelling the world and frequenting dance workshops. I’ve lugged many a ridiculously sized suitcase over the threshold at Nappers Crossing (or rather Roland has). more>
Things to look out for in the New Year
By Ya'Acov

In 2013, we once again have a busy programme. We just wanted to bring to your attention a few things that may be of interest to you as readers of this newsletter. more>
The Dawn of a New Era and the Nature of Empowerment
By Susannah

Journey of Empowerment 2012 has just come to a close. What a blessing to witness this group of individuals grow, blossom and show up, becoming a co-creative, empowered and empowering community. more>
A Time of Change
By Ya'Acov

I think I should begin with some hearty congratulations to us all! If you’re reading this, then we’ve moved past that most mentioned of dates, 21/12/12, and we’re still here, breathing, and hopefully celebrating the beginning of a new era (or at least a new year!). Happy New Year everyone! Wherever we are, we’ve survived thus far and it seems that life is giving us another day to dream and work, and love, live and learn here on this beautiful earth! more>
Spirit Dancing
John Lockley

I had the good fortune of meeting Ya’Acov in September this year. We were introduced through a mutual friend, Charlie Morley, a charismatic lucid dreaming teacher. We met in the hussle and bussle of London’s Euston Station. Ya’Acov was enroute to teach a workshop in Europe. We started talking about dreams and how we were called to our particular paths. more>
Pachamama Journey
By Susannah and Ya'Acov

As we write, we are preparing to set off again for Ecuador on our Pachamama Journey into the Andes and Amazon to connect again with the Achuar, to share, learn and discover more of what we may do to support their stand to save the rainforest that is being threatened again by oil exploration. The Achuar are standing strongly on behalf of us all to protect the forest. more>
Living the Dream I Didn't Know I Had!
By Hazel Newton

A recent post on the Movement Medicine facebook page got me thinking about the whole 'living the dream' thing. Last week I played clarinet in two Wind Ensemble concerts - the main piece was Stravinski's Firebird suite - challenging but fantastic to play. more>
After The Way of the Dancing Warrior in Hamburg
By Karuna

These are fragments of my inner journey from the workshop. Water, fire and the work with the dance of victim, persecutor and the rescuer. First I am impressed by the intense energy of the elements. It felt so powerful to dance with the elements. This work lets me have a lot of images comming up in the dance and I meet all kind of animals. How powerful. more>
My Inner Israeli and Inner Palestinian
By Susannah

Dear all, During a heated debate on the MM facebook at the height of the violence between Israeli and Gaza, following a suggestion Ruth Ben Tovim made I decided to explore a dialogue between my own “inner Israeli” and my own “inner Palestinian”. Here is what emerged: more>
Requiem for Journey of Empowerment 2012
By Various Members of the Journey of Empowerment 2012

Every one of you rocked. You arrived in yourself, over and over. And then in the vibration of welcome and acceptance you created so strongly together, you came “out”. As individuals you each shone with your own original, creative flame. Together you were such a power, blazing with love and life. more>
Finally! Another 21 Gratitudes !
By Susannah and Ya'Acov>

We have wanted to create a Movement Medicine Journey through all 21 Gateways of the Movement Medicine mandala and we have finally got it together using some of the stunning live music recorded at the Summer Long Dance 2011. more>
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