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Why Not Make Yourself a Cup of Tea?
By Hanna Maria
Hello Everyone! Wow, this newsletter is rich and the articles are deep and long. I like Susannah’s suggestion for her article, “make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable”. Perhaps you like to do this now and give real time for this newsletter edition. It is about the fullness of life and the closeness of death. It speaks of the dying of old ways, mourning of what was, the broken and the unbroken, the closing and beginning of chapters, the continuous landing into the new. more>
Strange and Wonderful Holy-Days
By Susannah Darling Khan
What a strange, wonderful and uniquely peculiar summer I have had. I do not feel I’ve been on holiday, but I have definitely been in holy-days. Life is teaching me and leading me in such unexpected ways. I feel guided, protected, stretched, challenged and grateful. more>
Accelerated Learning in the Ever-Expanding Unknown
By Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Three weeks ago, I broke my leg. It was a wet, misty Devon morning and I was feeling good after my morning practice. I was running down to the lake where I swim every morning. My dog, Moxi, was at my side. We were enjoying the exuberance and joy of physicality. And then I slipped. My foot went out from underneath me and I heard the bone breaking, not a noise I ever want to hear again! more>
David Tucker
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
On 14 August 2021 David Tucker passed away, after a long journey with ALS. He was a dear friend of ours and his wisdom was woven into the community of Movement Medicine, through all we experienced with David in the Amazon. Our journeys with David and the Pachamama Alliance have changed us forever. more>
I am Saying Goodbye and Beginning a Caravan-Living Chapter
By Hanna Maria
Spring has sprung – at least here in South Africa. It mirrors exactly what’s going on in my inner and outer life. A sense of ‘jumping’, excitement, daring, expansion, opening into the vulnerable, like a fresh bud. The spring winds have blown off the last of the old leaves and new shoots are pushing through. And, after almost seven years exactly, I am leaving the post of newsletter editor of the School of Movement Medicine. more>
Our Loss – Your Gain?
By Roland Wilkinson
When I first started talking to Hanna about becoming the editor, little did I imagine that she would do the job for almost exactly seven years! And now, after steering this ship for this time so assuredly, the time has come for her final edition. We are really sad to see her go. more>
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