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Issue: March 2020
Being in the Time of Corona.

By Roland
Dear Dancer, It is a long time since I have contributed to this newsletter. But this week I have felt a need to share with you something about myself and my life in the School of Movement Medicine office.

At this time of Corona, I am very aware of being told of the lessons that we need to learn from this experience.  These lesson are many and varied: caring for each other, the importance of the sacrifice of our individual liberty to support the great whole, lessons about how the stillness that has descended on the planet can be seen as a blessing with wildlife returning to places where it has not been witnessed for a long time, cleaner air, reduced production of CO2, quieter cities and how all this can be seen for as blueprint for the way we might wish for things to be in the futures.  And, of course, there are obvious lessons to be learned about paying heed to danger when it is first shown to us rather than waiting till the calamity is upon us and the rather clear analogy that we should draw with climate change.  We need to act now and fast in order to protect ourselves in the future.  It is no good waiting hoping that something will turn up and make the problem go away.

I also wonder what the lesson is for myself.  I, perhaps like many other people, wake in the morning and hope it has all gone away.  That all the individual Corona viruses have decided they don’t like it here and got into an Alien spacecraft and departed for ever.  Or that a magic cure has been found overnight or that the Spring weather has forced it into a retreat and that by the time it re-emerges that a vaccine will be found.  I also experience bouts of fear.  I may catch it and die.  My loved ones and friends may die.  How much longer is it going to take till the freedom to live my life will return?  When will the borders open again and we can dance together? Yet the situation remains, so I have to ask "What do I learn from Corona?"

What have I learned?  

One of the first things I did when this crisis started to really hit us was to go and buy seeds and plants and every day since then I have spent many hours in my garden, sowing seeds, preparing vegetable beds, tidying things up and add masses of material to my beloved compost heaps.  Having my hands in the soil, watching the seeds sprouts and then handling the little seedlings and either planting them out or putting them into pots is one of the things that gives me the most pleasure in life.  

During the past few years I have not given myself enough time to properly tend to my garden.  I would always prioritise my work,  even though I knew that if I spent some quality time in the garden my work would be better, as I would be doing what my soul was asking.  Now I look at the little green seedlings and see the promise of new life and that helps me to find the steadiness to flatten out my anxiety about death and illness and to be both grounded in the present and have hope and faith in the future.  And the lesson?  The lesson for me is to remember to do the thing that will help me most at this time and to listen to the inner voice and trust it. Neglecting to listen to this inner voice whispering "Go outside Roland, the garden needs your touch" results in me being not be fully charged and so experiencing more fear and anxiety about the future.

Movement Medicine is also very much about planting seeds, growing our inner plants and is a form of individual and collective gardening.  For most of us dance and movement is not only our practice, but it is our passion. We experience it as a gift from Spirit to be able to dance on the dance floor in company of others.  It is something we thought was always going to be available.  Now, though, that is no longer possible as nearly everywhere classes and workshops are cancelled. Yet, perhaps what Corona can teach us is, that even in this time of separation, we can still connect and be with others and that, in spite of Corona, we grow stronger and, thanks to aid of modern technology we can still experience a form of dancing collectively while staying safe at home and recharge our batteries and so be in a better state to face our fears.

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One day we will meet each other on the dance floors again.

Wishing you strength and happiness.


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