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Issue: March 2020
Emergence & Empowerment in an Age of Uncertainty

Ya’Acov is very honoured to have been invited by Jocelyn Mercado to be one the guest speakers at this online conference which will take place 8th – 12th April. His offering be at 10 am Eastern Time / 3 pm UK Time on April 11th. He strongly recommends this conference to everyone. The conference is free and sign up details are below.

Jocelyn writes:

“Even before the current coronavirus crisis, one of the most important questions we could ask ourselves was: 

In 20 or 50 years, what will the children of the world — those here now, and those born in the future — think of us? 

When they look back at their parents… us…. the “adults” in the room…

Will they feel gratitude? Or anger?

And even before the coronavirus, you as a visionary and leader were probably realizing:

We cannot leave our children a world with rising seas, catastrophic storms, drought, barren forests, dead birds and bees, and political chaos that overwhelm our infrastructure. 

And now, add to this litany yet another crisis — the health pandemic we’re all experiencing.

We are at a choice point now as to what kind of future we want to leave our children. 

The most immediate choice, of course, is that we most all practice social distancing and shelter-at-home, to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus.

But this is just the urgent first step. 

After we flatten the curve — which could be just months, if we mobilize massively now — then another question arises: 

What do we want our world to look like once we’ve weathered the storm of this crisis?

Do we want to go back to the same-old-same-old?

Despite all the massive challenges and immediate suffering around us… for perhaps the first time in history….

This pandemic and the global unity that’s being created, offers us an incredible chance to leave a different legacy to our children.

In the midst of this current upheaval, new systems, new ideas, and new leaders are rising to meet the challenge. 

It was surely clear to you before the coronavirus that the current system was not working.

And now, the pandemic has pushed that system to its breaking point, and made it clear to everyone else. 

Which means: We’ve truly never had such a window of opportunity… and we may never have one again...

For true and lasting change, of our old & outdated systems and structures, that we already knew were not working.

Our current crisis has highlighted exactly where we need to NOT go back to the status quo.

For example — They’re seeing blue skies and hearing birds sing for the first time in a lifetime in some cities in China. How can we keep building on that, for the whole planet?

We are here to build a future that our children will be happy and thriving in. And will thank us for creating. 

And I know that YOU are one of the activated leaders this world needs to solve our multiple problems arising and becoming crystal clear at this time. 

You are one of the bridges that will take us over these oceans of peril — You are here to be a completely different type of leader than we’ve had before. 

You are here to be both an architect and builder of this bridge to a better, more sustainable, peaceful, kind, loving and just world. 

Which is why I’m inviting you to a special event that will give you all the tools, resources, deep wisdom, and societal blueprints you need need to become the type of architect and builder that our world needs most.

This is a global online conference called: 

Emergence & Empowerment in an Age of Uncertainty:

From Fear to Trust, from Separation to Solidarity

It begins on April 8th! You can click here to register, free. [LINK TO YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK or to]

This conference was created by Jocelyn Mercado who is the founder of Sacred Planet, and VerDarLuz CelestiOwl, who created Divine Timing Coaching.

I’m so excited to be speaking in this extraordinary and timely event. I’ll be joined by 24 of the most high-profile, cutting-edge leaders in societal & evolutionary transformation, whose ideas are no longer “idealistic,” but urgently realistic now

Please don’t miss this opportunity. There isn’t time to wait. The universal intercom is paging you. Now. Urgently. 

Click here to register, at no cost.


With love and gratitude,

Jocelyn Mercado

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