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Issue: March 2020
In celebration

By Susannah and Ya'Acov
We are so proud of our community of Movement Medicine Professionals and how they are stepping up with such creativity and wisdom in these challenging times.

As is happening globally, there is an emergence of self-organising community intelligence. One of the things that we are struck by is the level of care and support that is being offered within the community of MM Professionals for each other, so that teachers can be resourced and supported in their offering. 

Apparently, according to Dr.David Hamilton, kindness is twice as contagious as the virus! Now there’s a thought. Thank you to everyone who is putting kindness into the world. 

For information about online classes and to see what the

Movement Medicine Association offers, please visit: 

With Our Love and Respect to You All 

Stay well.  

Stay Connected.  

Stay in Movement.  

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