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Issue: School of MM March 2020 All Articles
Everything has changed
By Susannah
Since the last newsletter, everything has changed. In the shaking of these times, I feel myself and the human web vibrating with adrenaline as we face the power of this unprecedented global situation and the deep unknown. At the same time, I feel a gentle presence in the midst of the craziness which feels like a powerful nudge from mother earth to get with it and make the changes we need to make. more>
And then the world was a different place....
By Ya'Acov
Wow! That was quick! Just like that. All change! I remember, we were a small group of 20 of us at Shell airport outside Puyo in Ecuador. We were about to fly into the Amazon forest to go and be with our friends and family there – when, quite suddenly, we were asked to pay attention to a young woman from the Health Ministry who was going to show us how to wash our hands properly. more>
Garden Practice
By Hannah Mackay
I started the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship in 2018, and I’m still in progress – I was expecting to complete it this year, but like many other things, that has turned into an unknown, because of the coronavirus pandemic. I’m sharing some of my experiences of developing a ‘Creative Garden Practice’ in case it might help other dancers in the current times. more>
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