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Issue: December Newsletter
Music Medicine - A Double Gift

If you feel like giving to yourself or others, maybe for no particular reason but just to enjoy and to share gems of sounds, words and inspiration, have a look in our Music Medicine store. Read on for some updates on new awesomeness in stock. And the great thing is, at this shop, while you are gifting yourself or others, you are automatically also giving to the Pachamama Aliance, as 5% of all online sales go there, to protect the Amazon rainforest. A ‘double gift’ ...

News from the store:

Come and have a stroll through our online store, we’ve got some fabulous new things in stock, including Laor’s new album of extraordinary songs, which was the soundtrack to our summer, Eva Chapman’s glorious and deep book “Sexy at Seventy; a spiritual journey” and elder and dancer Rob Porteous’s book and CD of his beautiful poems. And you can even give your friends a gift voucher.

We’ve also got smudge essence in stock, but remember, we can only post it to those of you in the UK. Sorry!

As 5% of the sales go to the Pachamama Aliance, if you feel like it, go and have a look at what they are up to. Here is their news page.

With love, Susannah Darling Khan


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