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YAY for Gratitude! Plus Upcoming Workshops
By Hanna Maria
I am grateful for gratitude and what it brings into our lives and hearts! And this newsletter feels to me like it carries a lot of juicy gratitude – for students, for funding, for teachers, for beauty on earth, for inner silence and hollow bones, for good news, for connections, for giving gifts, ... Susannah and Ya’Acov’s new online teaching adventure is also called 21 gratitudes; love it. Gratitude brings joy, lightness, spaciousness, expansion and possibility. Let's celebrate Gratitude :-) more>
2020 Vision Time
By Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Dear all, it’s time to write to you again as we come to the end of another year and the end of another decade. There is so much to share. I keep hearing how many reasons there are to get depressed. And I understand. The bitterness of defeat is tough medicine. The realisation that there are more people who hold different views to me than there are who hold similar ones is quite a slap in the face from what people love to call ‘the real world.’ more>
Fierce Gratitude
By Susannah Darling Khan
Dear All, firstly, a massive thank you. The way Movement Medicine dancers are receiving the work I am now sharing is deeply significant for me in my life. I feel truly useful, and in those special pearl moments, truly rooted and flowering.
At this moment of my life, the convergence of many paths leads me to a feeling of being at the right place at the right time. I am keeping my pledge with life to play my part through these multiple inter-weaving paths: more>
Skeleton Dance
By Kristin Glenewinkel
Since I can remember I was feeling a restlessness inside me and an urge to find a refuge deeper within. As a child I had a notion that there is peace within my bones. Images of a Buddha sitting in meditation fascinated me. The old thanka showing the Buddha in my fathers room seemed to whisper to me: “Be still, listen within – your bones will sing to you.” more>
Fellow Travellers
By Susannah Darling Khan
I originally shared this on Facebook, and the response was so strong that we decided to share it here too.
On Sunday I walked off the Eurostar into St Pancras. As usual, someone was playing the communal piano in front of the doors; sweet, wild music. more>
Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund Annual Report
By Margaret Davies
This is an except from the Sponsorship Fund Annual Report. It provides an overview of how the Sponsorship Fund has impacted lives and communities, how it has been supporting growth and healing, and nurtured diversity. The report is generously laced with quotes from students and teachers that received funding. It shows all the grants given and the income that was received, and outlines future commitments. more>
Music Medicine - A Double Gift
If you feel like giving to yourself or others, maybe for no particular reason but just to enjoy and to share gems of sounds, words and inspiration, have a look in our Music Medicine store. Read on for some updates on new awesomeness in stock. And the great thing is, at this shop, while you are gifting yourself or others, you are automatically also giving to the Pachamama Aliance, as 5% of all online sales go there, to protect the Amazon rainforest. A ‘double gift’ ... more>
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