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Issue: October Newsletter
Celebration! and Upcoming Workshops

By Hanna Maria
To me this newsletter feels like a celebration: We are celebrating endings, new beginnings, and the shifting of seasons (on various levels). We are celebrating life and love in the face of death. We are celebrating Susannah and Ya’Acov’s 30th wedding anniversary. There is commitment, truth, community, growth and change that we are celebrating; and there is the drum that is celebrated, as anchor, resource and vital reminder of connection in turbulent times.

Thank you for being part of this celebration and for adding your unique puzzle piece to the community and the journey of the School of Movement Medicine – as newsletter reader, as dancer, as apprentice, as organizer, as teacher, as professional trainee, and as supporter and participant of any kind. Thank you.

As usual, below you find the places, ways and people to share more dances with, more joy, growth, community, life, love, death and change...

26 October: The Wisdom of the Dancing Warrior with Ben Yeger. Ein Shemer, Israel.
The archetypal energy of the Dancing Warrior connects us with a healthy, connected and empowered place inside ourselves; a place that offers integrity, clarity, strength and courage, a place that knows how to set healthy boundaries and clear goals, a place that enables us to stand up for life and for ourselves and what we believe in. The wisdom of the Dancing Warrior will always teach us that being in and using our power can be done in integral and healthy ways without bringing harm to anyone or anything.
Contact Michal:

1–3 November: The Wisdom of the Dancing Fool with Ben Yeger. Berlin, Germany.
This is an invitation to meet and play with the Dancing Fool in you; the part that embodies wonder, excitement, boundless creativity, innocence, fascination and curiosity (and so much more). We will weave together Movement Medicine, clowning and Drama Therapy to explore this multifaceted part of ourselves that always helps us to not take ourselves too serious and to keep letting go of what we thought we know. Come along for some play, laughter, foolery and fascinating exploration about yourself.
Contact Kathrin: +49 (0) 1797985980;

8–10 November: The Power of Choice with David Mooney. Prague, Czech Republic.
Awaken the Dancer on 11th November in Prague.
During this weekend, through intensive inquiry and Movement Medicine practice, we will learn how to be much more empowered and conscious in the way we make choices in life. We can be either be making very unaware choices through being caught up in our own stories of the past, or we can learn how to connect with the creative dancer inside us who is able to weave a new and healthy story at any given moment, reminding us of what is really true for us. We will transform stale and repetitive self-limiting stories into alive believes that fit our true nature and thus enable us to make healthy and empowered choices in the now.
Contact Veronika Ziva: +420 727 941 674;

12 November: Awaken the Dancer with David Mooney. Brno, Czech Republic.
This introductory event takes you playfully through the body that you are and through the nature and wisdom that is in the elements and in yourself as part of creation. Through dancing with the elements we tune into and celebrate the essential intelligence of life on earth, inside and around us. We resourcing ourselves through the vital connection to ourselves and to the nature of life that is us.
Contact Veronika Ziva: +420 727 941 674;

29 Nov–1 Dec: Out of Ashes with Rosie Perks. Antwerp, Begium.
Out of Ashes. In an embodied and safe way, this weekend invites the dancers to explore our relationship with grief and how it moves in our bodies and hearts. How much we love becomes visible when we grieve what we have lost. This link between the grief of loss and the power of love are part of this safe exploration of Movement Medicine, where participants are invited to journey with their very personal relationship to loss and grief and the love it emerges from.
Luc: + 32 613 299 20;

30 Nov–1 Dec: Fire in the Heart with Susannah Darling Khan. Basel, Switzerland.
With the strong and beautiful practices of Movement Medicine, we will spend this weekend dancing through, in and with our hearts. We will learn how to be in movement and remain fluid through all and any emotion that moves through the heart, so that in our everyday lives we can be as fluid and creative through any challenge or emotion arising. Courage and compassion will guide us bring space, freedom and expansion to our heart, so that it can express and feel freely.
Contact Kristin Glenewinkel +41 78 801 32 10;

7–8 December: Embodied Leadership and Co-ceration with Susannah Darling Khan. Paris, France.
With Move! Evening on 6 December.
What a great combination – Leadership training through the playful and embodied work of Movement Medicine! This workshop offers a safe and very well guided space to explore various facets and qualities
required in leadership and co-creation, such as congruence, clarity, self-trust and the ability to guide creative team-work. Personal authority together with the skill to co-create makes great leaders and brings these beautiful qualities into your personal life too. Come along to dance, to play, to co-create and to remember that everyone is a leader.
Contact Pierre-Henri: + 33 615 325 816;

7–8 December: Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart with Ya’Acov Darling Khan. London, UK.
With Move! Evening on 6 December.
Based on Ya’Acov’s recent book and on his own 30-year long initiation into being a shaman, this workshop is an invitation to review your life, to further discover who you are and what is yours to give. You will skilfully be guided to meeting that ‘Jaguar’ inside you that protects fiercely what it loves, and the ‘Butterfly’, that part which is vulnerable, magically beautiful, only coming out when it really is safe to be seen. The workshop will explore the blend of these two parts and challenge our paradigm of separation.
Alex Hanly: +44 7868 842 219;

12 December CPD Webinar with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan. Online.
This is a webinar for everyone who has taken or is participating in Movement Medicine Professional Training. It provides the space to hear about and explore subjects or themes, suggested by you or Ya’Acov and Susannah, which are related to your professional work with Movement Medicine. All sessions are recorded and accessible to the subscribers of the CPD webinars.
Contact Roland:

13–15 December: Simple Gifts with Mark Boylan. Budapest, Hungary.
Being the best version of ourselves, standing in our power, connected to our truth, our heart and our body, while being more and more present with our mind, is the greatest gift we can give while we are alive. This workshop supports you in identifying any repetitive patterns and unconscious behaviour that keeps you from being your full self, and that keeps you from the fullest and most healthy expression of who you are. Come along, dance, be gifted while giving yourself in play, movement and connection.
Contact Patricia:

13 December: Moving Energy with Christian de Sousa. Basel, Switzerland.
This is a playful and deep introductory workshop of Movement Medicine. It is an invitation to connect with the body, the beat of the heart, the dancing companions on the dance floor, and with the joy of movement.
Contact Kristin Glenewinkel:

14–15 December: Dancing in the Golden Flower with Christian de Sousa. Luzern, Switzerland.
Through movement and dance you are invited to meet and tap into the energy of the Golden Flower, the ecstatic grace of wholeness. It is through dance that we are able to move all that wants and needs to move within us – our emotion, our energy, our intuition, our connection to self and
to the source of life. In that dance, we can meet that part of ourselves that is whole, like the Golden Flower.
Contact Marco Unternährer: 041 228 90 10;

16–20 December: Returning Home with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan. Waldhaus, Switzerland.
This annual workshop of story telling, art, dance and ritual, invites participants to reflect on the year that has past and unveil new dreams of another year ahead. Set amidst the stunning mountains of the Swiss Alps, this retreat provides an invitation to return to the essence of who you are, let go of what has been, plant new seeds and nurture your connection to community and to all life.
Contact Roland Wilkinson: +44 (0)1803 762255;

21 December: Solstice Party with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. Waldhaus, Switzerland.
This party is welcoming everybody in any body who would like to participate in this fabulous dance celebration. Here, party and prayer meet, and we celebrate the pleasure of living and dancing, the sacredness of the divine and the beauty of life on earth. All income from this event will go to the Pachamama Alliance to protect the Amazon.
Waldhaus: +41-(0)34-461 07 05;

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