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Issue: October Newsletter
Online Conscious Dance Conference

By Susannah
Dear all,
Itís with great pleasure that we will be live online at the first ever Conscious Dance conference, hosted by Amara Pagano and Pier Paolo. We will both be giving sessions individually and together with others in a couple of panels.

Amara Pagano and Pier Paolo have brought together a wide range of founders and teachers of different conscious dance modalities, many (though not all) of which grew from the fertile soil of Gabrielle Roth’s work. From the roots of her work has grown a rich flowering tree. As we have just passed the anniversary of her death, I want to thank Gabrielle for everything she taught me in our 18 years together, and long afterwards, which lives and breathes in me and my living and in my teaching. In Movement Medicine we have constellated a different weaving of everything that is important to us, but, nevertheless, our time in the cauldron of the 5 rhythms with Gabrielle remains foundational.

I congratulate Amara Pagano and Pier Paolo and wish you both and all the participants and presenters the very best enlightening and enlivening experience. It’s a wonderful and important vision that you have continued to serve to bring us together. Thank you!

Susannah’s individual session is at 10 am UK time on Monday 4th November, with the theme of “The Dynamic Dance of Awareness, Interoception and Letting go”. It is to do with the transformational movement between receptive and active energy in our dance practice.

Susannah’s panel is about “Science and Conscious Dance” and will be on Monday the 4th at 6pm UK time and we will, amongst other things, be talking about poly-vagal theory and interoception.

Ya’Acov’s individual session is at 12pm UK on Tuesday 5th November and is entitled "The Inner Shaman’s Dance - An Enquiry into Shamanism in the Conscious Dance Field". This is presented as an interview, followed by a guided journey and question and answers.

Ya’Acov will also be present for the closing panel and session at 6pm UK time alongside Arjuna, Amara, Pier Paolo and Lei'Ohu Ryder and Maydeen Ia'o.

You can sign up to the conference for free here.

All the very best,

Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan

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