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Celebration! and Upcoming Workshops
By Hanna Maria
To me this newsletter feels like a celebration: We are celebrating endings, new beginnings, and the shifting of seasons (on various levels). We are celebrating life and love in the face of death. We are celebrating Susannah and Ya’Acov’s 30th wedding anniversary. There is commitment, truth, community, growth and change that we are celebrating; and there is the drum that is celebrated, as anchor, resource and vital reminder of connection in turbulent times. more>
This Poignant Moment
By Susannah Darling Khan
This is a poignant moment for me as we approach the beginning of our seventh (and last) Movement Medicine apprenticeship. Don’t worry, it’s not the last Movement Medicine Apprenticeship! Over the last few weeks, Ya’Acov and I have been having our individual “Hello and welcome to the Apprenticeship” skype’s with each of them. It’s been a really deep pleasure to meet my half of all the individuals in this group individually. Having met them in this way, I’m looking forward even more to our journey together. more>
Ya'Acov's October Podcast
By Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Here is another podcast from Ya’Acov. There is some grounding drumming for support and presence, and some sharing of what is arising, shifting and moving – about the Apprenticeship, his new book that is being birthed, the online dance conference coming up, and the cycle of life that happens whilst we are living and creating. more>
By Hannah Mackay
Here is a beautiful and touching poem ... Enjoy! more>
Diagnosis Cancer
By Jens Liedtke
Some of you may have heard during the Long Dance, or the webinar, that I am going through a challenging time. Well, that is a nice paraphrase of “Jens might die and we will miss him.” To be clear, I am still living and I am very healthy. Today I am looking back onto six really challenging months and I would like to share a bit about this. more>
Susannah and Ya'Acov's 30th Wedding Anniversary
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Dear all,
We recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Here are some extracts from our posts on Facebook about it. Thanks for all the support and love we’ve received over this anniversary. We feel it, appreciate it and are supported by it. At the same time we’ve found ourselves challenged to look at how much we live up (and not) to the story about where we have got to as a couple. All of that is very useful, thank you! more>
Online Conscious Dance Conference
By Susannah
Dear all,
It’s with great pleasure that we will be live online at the first ever Conscious Dance conference, hosted by Amara Pagano and Pier Paolo. We will both be giving sessions individually and together with others in a couple of panels. more>
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