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Deep Trust, Freedom and Upcoming Workshops
By Hanna Maria
Hello dear, dancing community! Here we are again after the summer break. Whether you are coming out of the summer months or the winter months, I hope that you are feeling connected to life around that is changing through the seasons, and to life inside yourself that also keeps moving. This is a wonderful newsletter. Yay! – a podcast is awaiting you, a beautiful sharing of conscious farming, a contemplation of yin, yang and yun, an invitation to join the Conscious Dance Conference, and a few sentences of mine on trusting deeply and living freely. more>
Thank You, Uncle Arthur
By Susannah Darling Khan
I was supremely lucky to have an Uncle and Aunt who were some of the first organic farmers of the modern era. Uncle Arthur and Aunty Liz’s small, 35 acre farm was called “Tyllwyd”. From some of the fields you could see the wide stretch of Cardigan Bay, coloured anew each sunset. “Tyllwyd”, which means grey house in Welsh, was an unpainted farm house with a dilapidated outside loo. more>
Ya'Acov's Autumn Equinox Podcast
By Ya'Acov Darling Khan
This time you're finding a podcast instead of an article. An equinox sharing almost exactly on the day of the equinox. Hearing instead of reading. Gratitudes to our different senses with which we are able to receive in various ways – through the eyes, the ears, the skin, etc. Gratitudes also to technology that makes it possible to record and share someone’s voice (which also carries feeling and vibration) across a whole globe and across time. Enjoy. more>
By Kat Forrester
I sometimes hear people wondering and asking about this aspect of the Movement Medicine Mandala, the yun. I believe it’s important for human evolution to include the third factor in our approach to living. I invite you to put on your “thinking cap” and read on. Western culture is by now familiar with the Taoist concept of yin and yang as describing the dynamic polar opposites which create movement and life in this universe. more>
Conscious Dance Conference
Conscious Dance has become one of the various ways and tools to grow, heal, explore, transform and understand more of the Self, and it is also a beautiful way to build community, to facilitate collective healing and much more. By now there are very many different types of Conscious Dance practices, schools or groups. more>
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