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Issue: Movement Medicine Newsletter July 19
Ya'Acov's Podcast

For this month’s newsletter Ya’Acov has recorded a podcast for you to listen to. He recorded it at Summer Solstice, the zenith of this time that is so full of life, and really enjoyed this way of connecting with you. We hope that, when you have 25 minutes to spare, you will enjoy and be nourished by what he’s shared too.

Given he recorded the podcast just before the Long Dance, he speaks of that as something to come. But, given the fullness of preparing for that particular event, we are getting the newsletter to you a little later than we had expected. So, by the time you receive this, the Long Dance will be complete for this year, the particular constellation of people who took part will have dispersed, and it’s many gifts will already be beginning to land and grow in the wider world.

Here’s the link to Ya’Acov’s podcast.


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