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Issue: Movement Medicine Newsletter July 19
What a Long Dance!

By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Susannah says: “What a Long Dance. I bow to Ya'Acov's Long Dance vision which came to him so many years ago and which has been so deeply tended by himself and so many others until it has grown to this level of maturity. “What a Long Dance. I bow to Ya'Acov's Long Dance vision which came to him so many years ago and which has been so deeply tended by himself and so many others until it has grown to this level of maturity.

 I bow to everyone who participated with such depth and maturity, discipline, generosity, humour and courage, as we took off the masks and the armour and entered such a deeply healing space, together. I bow to the families who were there and who blessed us with the innocent, soft presence of their children. I bow to Manari and Belen and their beautiful child Tsamaraw. The presence of this family was a blessing, an empowerment and a catalyst for (even more) awareness of the world and of the forests and the indigenous peoples. Through their reflection of what happened last year after the Long Dance they let us know more about the power of our embodied prayers. We were not there on holiday. These were holy-days. Our thoughts, our intention, our focus and our devotion matter. Our prayers matter: both through their energy and through their manifestation in action (e.g. fund-raising).

And in the middle of all that, held by that power of intention, everyone can receive healing. I did. And I am very, very grateful, personally as well as on the bigger scale.

We are very proud and happy, that as well as all the personal healings that happened, we raised, between us, nearly £100,000 for charities world-wide, including over £38,000 for the Pachamama Alliance. Wow! A mega thank you to all who supported the Long Dancers to raise this money. You are part of this! THANK YOU!!!!! May what you gave and your participation from afar bless your life and your steps towards living who you really are.

And the toilets remained clean through-out. When crystalline prayer and vision is matched by taking care of the basics, and by love in tangible action in the tent (local) and in the wider world (global) then we are beginning to fulfil the "as above, so below" intention of this work. We are beginning to land the prayer of movement medicine as joyous service, inter-connecting the spirit world and the material world, in a hoop of continual mutual giving and receiving, interconnecting the health of the individual and the whole. Thank you everyone! Congratulations! May all that you gave return to bless you 1000 fold, and may all that received be nurtured in the small steps of your life. I know my life will never be the same again.

A huge thank you to all the people who brought so much professional support to the Long Dance and gave away so freely and generously in so many ways. You know who you are. RESPECT.

All love to the Long Dancers of 2019, and to all who supported them, and to all our relations. If you want to add a donation to the Pachamama Alliance in the name of the Long Dance, and u0 our grand total some more, please do! Click here (link below!) Thank you! Susannah Darling Khan


Ya’Acov says:

“Dear All, 

We are back from this year's Movement Medicine Summer Long Dance, a 72 hour contemporary shamanic journey, that we have developing over the past 20+ years. 

The intention of the ritual is to connect to and embody our own spirit, our own divinity, the essential nature of the intelligence of the universe in human form. And through that, to life up a powerful prayer to say thank you for this opportunity called life in a body on earth.

The ceremony is designed to have concrete impact out in the world through the power of prayer and congruent action. As above, so below. And so, for the past ten years, the ceremony has been raising funds for an extraordinary range of life-enhancing, consciousness creating, suffering reducing projects world wide. 

This year, the ceremony has raised over £100,000 including £38,000 for the Pachamama Alliance and £17,500 for the Movement medicine Sponsorship fund. This brings the total we have raised over the years, to over £500,000. Well done to EVERYBODY who danced, supported, organised, led, followed and prayed so deeply. May all your efforts bring you and your loved ones blessings untold. 


We were also honoured once again to host Manari Ushigua and his lady Belen, and their son, Tsamaraw our dear family from the Sapara peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Manari is a tribal leader and a shaman and Belen is a powerful activist on behalf of the forest and its peoples. To have them at our side, as we are at theirs, is a great privilege. 

He told us that when he returned from last year's ceremony to his village and his people, the Chinese oil company that had been planning to desecrate their land in search of oil, had decided to withdraw since they realised that the bead publicity from the genocide of the people and ecocide of the biodiversity that is there would be bad publicity. Manari encouraged us all not to doubt the power of our dreaming and our embodied prayer. To have his extraordinary woman, Belen, a total force for the forest in her own right, at his side, was very beautiful, and to have their young son present completed the picture. 

There is so much to say about the Long Dance and why it is the crown of our work each year and the essence of what Movement Medicine practice is all about.

I wish to publicly honour Susannah's extraordinary commitment over so many years to this ceremony and to her massively important co-leadership in so many ways. The music that she conducted and pulled through us was magnificent. Her prayer is unyielding. Her strength is an inspiration to so many and her super tender and gentle heart which is totally dedicated to life is a rare flower indeed. Thank you, Susannah, on behalf of us all.

For us, to have our own son, Reuben, and his dear brother Jonas, present with us, making their offering, made this year's Long Dance even that much more special. 

We are going off-line now for our summer break. I will be editing my new book "Shaman -Opening the door between the Worlds" (due to be published by Hay House in March 2020) and resting at home with the marvellous Movement Medicine Woman and music mistress who I am blessed to be married to for all eternity, Susannah. Good food from the garden, deep rest, time together, and the ongoing prayer of our lives is the nourishment and the well that feeds the source of our work. 

I bow in all directions to you, yes you, as you are, the one you are, and I encourage us all to stand up inside ourselves and to stand up for life. Nothing is over, or even nearly over. Change is always present. And how this life evolves is up to each and every one of us. This ceremony was so strong and we are noticing that we are asked to up our game to another level in response to the power of the prayer we lifted up together. 
Wishing you all a glorious summer. And see you on the other side. 

It's all about learning to tolerate the ferocity and unbearable lightness of touch that is the mystery of this life in physical form on earth. While we can, let's breathe, let's dance, let's live well, let's dream of evolution, let's create, let's act. Let's be who we are.

For ALL Our Relations. 

Ya'Acov DK

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx”

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