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Issue: Extra Newsletter Edition

The Joy of Giving
By Hanna Maria
Hello Everyone! If you are surprised to see us again so shortly after the last newsletter, it's because we have some exciting news to share with you, hence this extra edition. The news both have to do with giving – giving to yourself and to others: In one article you are invited to gift yourself with the complete content of the Hay House Summit 2019 (plus extra bonuses). In the other article you are encouraged to donate to the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund, while doubling the amount of money you decide to give.

Until we write to you again with a full newsletter including articles and upcoming events, enjoy the medicine of your movement, enjoy the giving and the receiving, enjoy spring time or autumn and the fullness of life and living.

With Love and Gratitude

Using Shamanism to Access Your Hidden Healing Power
By Roland Wilkinson
We are delighted that Ya’Acov’s talk on Using Shamanism to Access Your Hidden Healing Power has been selected to be including in the Hay House ‘You Can Heal Your Life Summit’ which will run from 4th May through till 20th May.

This series is entirely FREE if you catch it live. If you want to take advantage of their early booking discount and so own the whole Summit then there is also a very attractive early booking discount.

The ‘You Can Heal Your Life Summit’ is packed with 84 lessons from over 70 of the world’s leading experts in health, nutrition, energy healing, prosperity, and spirituality. If you want to own all this wisdom early, that’s over 100 hours of inspiration, you have until 6th May at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) to save $50 when you buy the physical package or $30 when you buy the digital package!
Physical/USB Package: Early Bird $199USD ($50 savings expires 6th May at11:59 PM PT)
Digital Package: Early Bird $99USD ($30 savings Expires 6th May at 11:59 PM PT)
Plus, you’ll get $1,299 in bonuses, including:

  • The Map of Consciousness Explained audio with Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Valued at: $79.99
  • Daily Meditations audio with Louise Hay & Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Valued at: $15.99
  • Mastering the Present Moment audio with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Valued at: $39.99
  • Psychic Tools for Energy Healing audio, featuring Matt Kahn, James Van Praagh, Kyle Gray and more. Valued at: $49.99
  • Soul Healing Meditations audio from Anthony William. Valued at: $15.99
  • The Art of Meditation Course by davidji. Valued at: $399
  • Secrets of Living the Life You Want Course by Barbara De Angeles. Valued at: $499
  • Imagination, Meditation, Intuition: Your Three Superpowers Course by Sonia Choquette. Valued at: $199

To sign up and get immediate access access free lessons from Anthony William, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, M.D. and more! please follow this link.

Double Your Money!
By Roland Wilkinson
I must say I strongly dislike these kinds of titles as there is always a catch. And, indeed, there is, I must admit, a catch here too – but it’s not a bad one.

Intrigued? Then read on.

This story begins about 25 years ago when I was walking alone in the Galloway hills in Scotland and I was amazed to see a runner in the distance approaching towards me along the ridge line of the hills.Eventually he passed me, and I turned and watched as he sped up the path I had just climbed down. The image of this man running in the wilderness of the hills, miles from anywhere,  summarised a certain kind of freedom which has stayed with me ever since.  

When I turned 60, I decided to take up running. I have to say I am not a born athlete and do not have a runner’s physique – my legs are short (in fact one is slightly shorter than the other) and I have the classic ring of older man fat around my middle.

Only once have I captured the freedom that I witnessed in that runner on those Scottish hills. I was running on Dartmoor and suddenly I felt as if nothing could stop me and that almost no effort was required to move across the landscape. A few kilometres further on my body started to tell me a very different story.

Recently I was talking to Susannah and Ya’Acov about The Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund which is a UK registered charity that provides access to Movement Medicine for people worldwide who would otherwise not be able to afford it. There are now a considerable number of people who have benefited from the funds some of whom have taken part in the Apprenticeship Programme and who we hope will go on to Professional Training and so be able to take this work back to their local communities. The money that is raised by the Sponsorship Fund is never used for the payment of tuition fees but is provided to cover travel and accommodation costs. Those in receipt of funds are usually given free or reduced tuition.

We were wondering how we might be able to encourage more people to donate more money to the fund. I suggested that I could run in the Plymouth half-marathon on May 19th and raise some sponsorship money. Susannah and Ya’Acov then offered to donate up to £2000 towards the fund, if that money was matched by contributions from others.

Hence the title of this article ‘Double Your Money’.

So dear MM Community, here is a wonderful opportunity to both support me to fly freely across the Devon hills, and to support the sponsorship fund at the same time. Please do support this. I, and many others who will benfit from your contribution, will be most grateful.

You can contribute money via this page and then your money will matched by the School of Movement Medicine. So, if you donate £50 then the fund will receive £100.

Running the half marathon will not be easy for me I can assure you. Please donate generously.

Music Medicine News
By Susannah Darling Khan
Dear all, percussion albums are the CDs we are most often asked for. Good news is, we have a real treat for you: an extraordinary new percussion CD from Nanigo called Drumming for Dance and Trance. This is the percussion album of my dreams. Long percussive tracks from drum master Thomas Rithoff and his band, accompanied by drones and violins; deep, strong, heartfelt and dance energy.

I can't stop playing it. I don't want to stop playing it. Totally recommended! I bought 100 CDs straight away for the shop, as I know it’s going to sell like hot cakes! Follow this link to see the album.


Life Grooves has nearly sold out and I’m having it re-printed. The next five orders will be half price, just for a little fun and as a reward for actually reading this! I want to say thank you for all the great feedback for this album. I love to know that my work is being used and is helpful as an accompaniment and support for embodied practice in people’s lives, as we intended.

And Danit’s, Nessi’s, Ravid’s and Lua’s beautiful CDs are also selling really well and have all just come back in stock.


With love, 

Susannah Darling Khan

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