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The Joy of Giving
By Hanna Maria
Hello Everyone! If you are surprised to see us again so shortly after the last newsletter, it's because we have some exciting news to share with you, hence this extra edition. The news both have to do with giving – giving to yourself and to others: In one article you are invited to gift yourself with the complete content of the Hay House Summit 2019 (plus extra bonuses). In the other article you are encouraged to donate to the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund, while doubling the amount of money you decide to give. more>
Using Shamanism to Access Your Hidden Healing Power
By Roland Wilkinson
We are delighted that Ya’Acov’s talk on Using Shamanism to Access Your Hidden Healing Power has been selected to be including in the Hay House ‘You Can Heal Your Life Summit’ which will run from 4th May through till 20th May.

This series is entirely FREE if you catch it live. If you want to take advantage of their early booking discount and so own the whole Summit then there is also a very attractive early booking discount. more>
Double Your Money!
By Roland Wilkinson
I must say I strongly dislike these kinds of titles as there is always a catch. And, indeed, there is, I must admit, a catch here too – but it’s not a bad one.

Intrigued? Then read on. more>
Music Medicine News
By Susannah Darling Khan
Dear all, percussion albums are the CDs we are most often asked for. Good news is, we have a real treat for you: an extraordinary new percussion CD from Nanigo called Drumming for Dance and Trance. This is the percussion album of my dreams. Long percussive tracks from drum master Thomas Rithoff and his band, accompanied by drones and violins; deep, strong, heartfelt and dance energy. more>
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