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Issue: April Newsletter
Joining the Summer Long Dance

By Ailsa
The Summer Long Dance is always a beautiful and powerful chance for us as Movement Medicine community to come together to celebrate, to connect and to dance for life. A very special and fun ceremony of prayer, play, connection, music and dance. It takes place in a large marquee close to the Somerset Levels in England, this year between 28 June and 4 July.

If you’ve never been to the Summer Long Dance before, do take a look at the description here.

If you would like to book, contact Roland on +44 (0) 1803 762 255 or You can find the Long Dance application form here.

Roland also still has some places available on his team of practical assistants. This role involves a willingness to take part in the ceremony in a different way to other participants, but I know from personal experience that serving the ceremony in this way can be equally rewarding. And other benefits include paying a much lower cost, a free weekend workshop and choice about whether you fundraise. Contact Roland on +44 (0) 1803 762 255 or to find out more about what it involves.

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