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Issue: April Newsletter
Crystal Communication

By Kristin Glenewinkel
Two years ago, I was dancing the Summer Long Dance. We were in the second day of the ceremony and I remember the sunlight and the wind dancing with the grass. There was a magical, translucent and tender atmosphere in the marquee. We went into the third dimension, dancing with the community of life. In this dance we were asked to invite a member of the earth family, an animal, a human or a plant.

I felt my being was dancing in the Swiss Alps, I saw the mountains I lived in years ago at a meditation centre in the Swiss Alps. I found myself connecting to the land and mountain spirits more deeply. I was drawn into the earth, I felt myself dancing in darkness, in density, in the ground with rocks.

I was met by a crystal the same size as me, this mineral stood strong and clear in front of me. The energy of the crystal touched me deeply and I started crying. It was like meeting a good old friend I had forgotten about. I wept and wept. In the journey we were invited to have a conversation with this being and find out about what we could do to support life, to find a healthy way of living. The crystal spoke with clarity and said: “Come to the mountains, hang out with the rocks. Remember the solid ground, big mountain spirits. We would love to hang out with you.“ I felt taken back home to a part of my own nature that I did not know about. Something resonated in my bones about the crystal’s message. I felt apologetic towards the mineral world, about how much exploitation is done; and about how many crystals are pulled out of the mountains. How greedy we humans are! The stone stood strong. The stone said: „Be the mountain, remember the crystal family, in your surroundings and in your soul. Be crystal clear, grow strong, stretch out and shine.“ I felt blessed with clarity and pure energy, the journey ended, and I went into the next dances with much lightness and grounded-ness.

I have to mention that my ancestors all come from the sea and in my journeys my being often merges with the ocean and deep water. When I travelled in the Himalayan mountains of India earlier in my life, I remember the urge to come down in the valley, down from the mountains. I never felt like a mountain person and when I moved up to Switzerland my friends made fun of me. How would I be able to exist up there as a water and ocean being? I felt this communication with the mineral world helped me a lot to land and root my being in this country, I felt deeply welcome and respected.

Last summer Christian De Sousa came to hold an Intensive Movement Medicine journey called “Roots“ in the Swiss Alps at Kientalerhof and I was happy to support him and translate his work. The days in the mountains were beautiful and part of another layer of coming home, working with my ancestors, deepening my connection with Movement Medicine and to the land. Christian shared his connection to the mountains and his origin in the French speaking part of Switzerland, close to Lac Léman which is surrounded by the Alps and the Jurals. We were literally dancing with the mountains, beautiful, big beings. Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan were also holding workshops at Kientalerhof many years ago and it is wonderful to again be able to bring Movement Medicine to this special place.

I am very grateful to continue this journey into the mountains and have the chance to be there again this July. Christian is holding an Intensive Movement Medicine journey called “Spirit Body – Dancing with the Mountains“. It would be wonderful to meet some of you dancers there. It is a precious place. There will be a circle of committed dancers to explore with and there will be good music, delicious food and plenty of mountain energy. I am sure the crystal family deep in the mountain will enjoy our dances.

Kristin Glenewinkel

Movement Medicine mit mir:

Erneuerung an Ostern: SEER Process

Ein MM Intensive mit Christian De Sousa im Kientalerhof im Juli 2019. Anmeldung bei Kristin.

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