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Movement Medicine Rocks! Plus Upcoming Workshops
By Hanna Maria
Another newsletter. Another greeting from the School of Movement Medicine. Enjoy! I feel I haven’t said it for a while: Movement Medicine really is a very special body of work and community and continues to touch and inspire me deeply. As I follow some of the teachers or read articles of participants, it simply is so very beautiful, heart-opening, and joy-bringing to witness all this amazing work and play that happens in many different places and ways, all with the spirit and intention of connection, peace, positive transformation, healing, embodiment and empowerment. more>
Brexit and the Vagus Nerve
By Susannah Darling Khan
I’m in Copenhagen. I’ve been teaching “Embodied Leadership and Co-creation” with a wonderful group, in which I have been learning so much about the power of feeling safe to empower people to find courage, connection and co-creative freedom. On Saturday night, after eating with my assistant team in a steamy African restaurant, I caught a taxi back to the flat where I was staying. My driver was a young Syrian man who had been in Denmark for three years. His parents and family were still in Syria. more>
The Re-Firement of Spring
By Ya'Acov Darling Khan
What a glorious mystery this life is. I’m consistently overwhelmed by our human capacity to cause such suffering for ourselves, each other, and the web of life that not only sustains us but is an inherent aspect of who and what we are. What paradoxes we are presented with as we do our best to discover who we are and our most creative response to the challenges we face. more>
At Home in the Desert
By Rob Porteous
One day, when I was 13 and living in Israel, my Uncle Emil took my mum and me on a trip into the desert. We set out from the dusty, sandy little town of Beesheva (which means, my uncle explained, ‘seven wells’) into a harsh landscape of hills and canyons – bare yellow rock sparsely dotted with a low, spiny desert bush. The surface of the ground was like rough sandpaper. Dry watercourses tumbled into valleys and rose again in sharp ridges. It was a day, as I recall, of khamsin, the hot wind from the south that stifles the air. more>
The I Became us
By Jen Coffey
In March this year, in Israel, Ya’Acov Darling Khan taught an exploration of the chambers of the heart in his workshop The Alchemists Garden. The workshop took place in a remote desert location a few hours south of Tel Aviv. Over 80 participants from all over Israel made the journey to dive deep into this work. Ben Yeger led an international team of assistants, of which I was honoured to be a part of. more>
Crystal Communication
By Kristin Glenewinkel
Two years ago, I was dancing the Summer Long Dance. We were in the second day of the ceremony and I remember the sunlight and the wind dancing with the grass. There was a magical, translucent and tender atmosphere in the marquee. We went into the third dimension, dancing with the community of life. In this dance we were asked to invite a member of the earth family, an animal, a human or a plant. more>
Joining the Summer Long Dance
By Ailsa
The Summer Long Dance is always a beautiful and powerful chance for us as Movement Medicine community to come together to celebrate, to connect and to dance for life. A very special and fun ceremony of prayer, play, connection, music and dance. It takes place in a large marquee close to the Somerset Levels in England, this year between 28 June and 4 July. more>
Earthed in the Wind of Change
By Sophie Rieu
It is about a month since we completed the second module of the Apprenticeship. I wish to reach out to speak my deep gratitude to the Movement Medicine community, my fellow Apprentices and my teachers, Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. First of all let me say that this ‘reaching out’ is rather new for me and denotes the successful opening of a path which I am ready to walk along wherever it may lead me. more>
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