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Issue: February Newsletter
Inside the Dancing Speaking Body

By Hanna Maria
This is a poem I wrote after a deep and intensive dance journey a few months ago. Moved deeply by the infinite opening that is possible through deepest connection with muscle, bone, essence, soul and impulse. In my experience, connecting intimately into the self and what there is, can bring forth such expansion and wideness, wisdom and seeing. The medicine of movement, presence and connection.

Soaking in the knowing depth of cellular wisdom.
Taking a bath in the calming, infinite wideness of Spirit Ocean in the bones.

Getting lost and being found in the skin deep, muscle dense landscape,
where the simple truth of deep connection enkindles the moving body,
where pure Spirit is trickling into the flesh, like rain into the earth,
where the logical mind can breathe itself out, into the body’s knowing,
where Spirit ignites and falls in love with the deepest depth of body-earth.

Inside the muscles and bones, trenched in Spirit-Magic lives the simplicity of Being
and the most simple movement expresses profound insight.
It is there where naked expression moves from the inside out,
and where the centre of Soul finds dance after dance.

The filled-out, moving body is one way to come home,
one way to heal and soothe the mind's restless stories,
one way to return to Spirit within,
one way to be free.
one way to arrive deeply into the Self.

Honoured be the Body and the Earth,
honoured be its deeply entwined marriage with Divine Spirit,
honoured all places where matter and spirit get up and dance together.

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