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Dancing into another Year
By Hanna
Dear Movement Medicine Community! I hope you all travelled well into another another year, fresh and inspired. I was blessed to transition between the years with Movement Medicine, participating in a wonderful 2-day workshop with Petra Bongartz in Cape Town. Waiting for you already is an abundance of wonderful workshops of many different kinds in many different places with many different wonderful teachers. For more inspiration and information on all the offerings coming up, read on. more>
Me, Earth and the Horses Who Have Led me Home
By Susannah Darling Khan
I was an unusual mix of a child. Energetic and full of beans, but at the same time shy, ethereal and not quite here. I needed ground and I knew it. I needed to dance, and I needed earthy physicality; rock and soil and wind and heather and hay. I needed to be with animals: cows, dogs, sheep, goats, horses and chickens were an intrinsic part of my childhood. more>
A Warm Welcome to 'Movement Tribe'
By Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Hello all and a very happy new year to you. I’ve had the simplest and most beautiful start to the year I’ve ever had. Thanks to Susannah having to deal with a minor medical emergency (a tooth related genuinely minor thing but serious enough that we had to cancel a trip to Costa Rica) we spent a month at home together as a family. I say ‘as a family’ because Reuben, our son, has also been at home working, creating his living space on the land we live on. more>
Have You Heard Her?
By Susannah Darling Khan
Dear all, I know Facebook has many problems, but right now I’m still enjoying the possibility it gives to share, especially on my own personal page, where I have the sense that I am curating an 'art gallery' of posts (both my own and other people’s) which I find inspiring, challenging, informing and helpful. more>
Inside the Dancing Speaking Body
By Hanna Maria
This is a poem I wrote after a deep and intensive dance journey a few months ago. Moved deeply by the infinite opening that is possible through deepest connection with muscle, bone, essence, soul and impulse. In my experience, connecting intimately into the self and what there is, can bring forth such expansion and wideness, wisdom and seeing. The medicine of movement, presence and connection. more>
Embodied Leadership
By Marion Gibbon
Sometimes things happen in such perfect timing. For me going to Susannah's workshop ‘Embodied Leadership’ was one such event. It enabled so many threads to coalesce and for clarity to become manifest. I had been struggling in my place of work. Clear about my love for my role but totally enmeshed in a toxic leadership relationship. I was so embroiled that it was affecting my ability to do my job, leading me to question myself and become paralysed with anxiety as I felt so unsure of which way to turn. more>
Dancing my Aliveness
By Carolyn Wood
Without dancing I don't know where I would be now. Dancing enables me to express stories that are trapped inside of me that I have found almost impossible to express verbally. Through dance, I can literally reach inside myself to such a deep level and connect to what is true, to a vast array of my emotions, experiences, beliefs and then from that place, I can bring these out expressing them through various shapes, movements and levels of intensity. more>
Music Medicine News
By Susannah Darling Khan
Dear all, percussion albums are the CDs we are most often asked for. Good news is, we have a real treat for you: an extraordinary new percussion CD from Nanigo called Drumming for Dance and Trance. This is the percussion album of my dreams. Long percussive tracks from drum master Thomas Rithoff and his band, accompanied by drones and violins; deep, strong, heartfelt and dance energy. more>
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