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Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna Maria
Welcome to this last newsletter of the year. I hope that there are many fruits for all of us to gather and share from this past year of living life and of growth and leaning – however individual all our journeys and experiences were. It has been both a rewarding and challenging year for me, one of facing deep and old fears head on, choosing to go through them into new expansion manifesting in my being and doing, in my work and relationships. On my path of continuously growing into more of myself, Movement Medicine has been an important piece over the last five years or so. more>
Celebrating the Healing Power of Gentleness
By Susannah Darling Khan
One of the highlights for me in the ‘Embodied Leadership’ group I led this last weekend in London was a new level of seeing (in the mirror of thee group) the crucial importance of support to inform and ground (and, surprise – support) embodied, co-creative, heart-based leadership. On Saturday morning the group co-created a (stunning) group poem and theatre of what we mean by co-creative embodied leadership. more>
Year Review and Our Exciting New Plans for 2019
By Ya'Acov Darling Khan
I thought 2017 went fast. And it’s hard to believe that time could go faster but for me, this year has been a miraculous blur of learning, expansion, deep inner work and discovery in every area of my life. I have been challenged to my core. I’ve cried more tears and felt more fears. And I’ve been grateful on many an occasion for the boxing gloves and pads that Susannah and I keep in our living room to support each other to release some of the day to day frustrations of human life in a body on earth. more>
The Survival of the Nurtured
By Catherine Dunne
“We are not the survival of the fittest, we are the survival of the nurtured”, Louis Cozolino. While out walking with my dog recently I was listening to a podcast by the Mindfulness teacher Tara Brach and she shared this quote by Louis Cozolino. It stopped me in my tracks. What an update, and what a reframing for an old held belief! We are fit BECAUSE we are nurtured, and what makes us fit and resilient, what supports us to thrive, is how nurtured and resourced we are. For me it was one of those moments when I heard something that I know is true in my bones articulated out loud for the first time, and something about my understanding of what makes us resilient shifted. more>
Embodied Leadership
One of Susannah’s new workshops is called 'Embodied Leadership and Co-Creation' and deserves an article by itself. The one in London has just been and the next one in Copenhagen is following soon. Here is some inspiring and beautiful feedback and reflections from participants of the past workshop in London and a few words from Susannah about the dawning of ‘Embodied Leadership’. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful workshop and experience that has been woven together by Susannah, Movement Medicine and the participants. more>
Masters of Flow
On 10th December at 5pm UK time Ya’Acov will be a guest on the free online event Masters of Flow: Cutting Edge Tools to Unleash the Visionary Leader Within. Masters of Flow runs from 5th to 16th December. It is hosted by world champion kayaker and transformational coach Dustin Urban, and includes interviews with over twenty ‘Masters of Flow’. This is what the organisers say: more>
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