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Issue: September Newsletter
Music Medicine News

By Susannah
Once again we like to share some news about our Music Medicine Shop to keep you updated about what is available and what is still ‘cooking’ in the background to be released when the time is right. Please read on for some more news and take some time to brows the shop for the gems and magic it offers to the community.

Lua Maria is the singer of the anthemic track: 'Wild White Horses'. If you’ve been around us long enough, I’m sure you’ve danced and sung your heart out along with her in Movement Medicine ceremony. Her new beautiful album has arrived: 'Semilla'. Enjoy!

And, by popular demand, 'Life Grooves' (already available as an MP3 album) will be available as a CD soon…. It’s at the printers now. Thanks to everyone who’s been giving me such great feedback for it. And Ya’Acov’s new album 'Shaman’s Song' is continuing to take people deep to their unbroken roots in journey. Enjoy!

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