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Welcome! And Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Hello and welcome to this newsletter. Enjoy the stories presented here – of the changing of gears, of new projects, of breaking addiction, about our ways of praying, about the new AP programme, and I added one on rainbows and thunderstorms. Also, you will find many workshops on offer. They seem to be getting more colourful and numerous each time I put them together for the newsletter! (Sometimes I wish I was living in Europe just for that! Enjoy! ;-) more>
What a Bend!
By Susannah
Dear all, “I am driving confidently along a mountain side, the road was good, clear and I am happily bowling along. But suddenly the road ahead darkens and I realise that I am coming up to a really sharp bend, and I am going much too fast. Dark forest and steep mountain side on the far side of the bend, sharp sheer rocks on the inside side. Oh my god! Can I slow down fast enough to take this corner without losing control and skidding off the road into the precipitous forest? more>
Changes in the Air
By Ya'Acov
Hello dear Movement Medicine community. I am noticing the changes in me as I move through my 50’s. On the one hand, I have never felt stronger, more creative, focused, disciplined and dedicated to making a difference in this world. On the other, after more than thirty years living the life of a road warrior, leaving home becomes harder and harder. The simple things matter more. It takes a long time and a lot of work for me to know who I am and I am so enjoying resting in that in everything I do. more>
Are You an Agent of Radical Change?
By Jocelyn Mercado
Are you being pulled by forces greater than yourself into something completely different than what you had planned or expected?

Are you an agent of Radical Change – in your community, your world, or in your own life? more>
By Bernadeta
This is a story of addiction, of choices, of a struggle, of a dancing warrior, a fool and a wise elder – all related to financing my Movement Medicine Apprenticeship with the money I saved when I stopped smoking. Why awakening? Because I feel it was the beginning of a real change of direction in my life. It’s now nearly 10 years later and so much has changed since, purely because I have made the first step, and a commitment to myself, that I will not live an unlived life. more>
It’s not all Rainbows and Fairy Dust
By Hanna
Sometimes in ‘spiritual circles’ there is this idea that once on the path of ‘awakening’ the focus should be on the light and the positive only and that if I focus on the ‘positive’ this is all that will manifest. In my own experience this is not so. Much more light is coming in, yes, and immense positive shifts are happening, yes. Still, ‘dark’ times and muddy patches are to be experienced and to be waded through. more>
Music Medicine News
By Susannah
Once again we like to share some news about our Music Medicine Shop to keep you updated about what is available and what is still ‘cooking’ in the background to be released when the time is right. Please read on for some more news and take some time to brows the shop for the gems and magic it offers to the community. more>
Movement Medicine On Ancient Ground
By Christine Pechan
Perhaps some of you remember my article about Movement Medicine in the Cathedral of Schleswig in the North of Germany one and a half years ago. This experience still always resonates in my heart and through the feedback I’ve got since then obviously in the heart of many of the people who took part or simply heard and read about it. more>
The Future of the Apprenticeship Programme
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
This Article is partial reprint of an article called ‘Continuity and Change’ published in the May Newsletter. As it contains very important information about both the Apprenticeship Programme and the development of Movement Medicine, we are publishing it again. more>
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