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Happy Summer Long Dance & Upcoming Workshops
By Hanna
Hello to all the readers of this newsletter edition, which will be the last one before our summer break. The next newsletter will find your inbox in September again. Many dancers of this community will soon go into a deep and long ceremony, the Summer Long Dance, which is an uplifting and humbling, an expansive and deeply connective experience with lots of fun, much dancing, some challenge, great company and very awesome music. more>
An Exquisite Day
By Susannah
This was written the day after supporting the ‘send-off’ for the Vision Questers as they left home base, to go on their Vision Quest under Ya’Acov’s guidance.
Yesterday was an exquisite day for me. In the morning, I was blessed to be there by the fire, to say a few words and offer my support to those Movement Medicine Apprentices about to go out on a three day Vision Quest led by Ya’Acov. Reuben (our son) is home for a while, having been on some seriously strong adventures and initiations and he also shared some of what he has learnt in his vision quests. more>
Summer Solstice Greetings from the Vision Quest Fire
By Ya'Acov
Hello all. Summer solstice is approaching here in the Northern hemisphere and I’m writing to you from the Movement Medicine vision quest fire. This is our third and final night and the brave questers are out on Dartmoor entering the final stages of their quest. It’s a challenging moment to come back in to day-to-day life after 72 hours fasting, being alone in nature and crying for a vision. But it is also one of joy. more>
This Could be a Good Time …
By Rosie Perks
As I get older I find myself more committed to making space for the flow and expression of the heart. I get clearer in my belief that this is vital for our well being and our ability to respond to what is being asked of us in the world right now. With every precious dance of love and life and loss I witness, I am also reminded just how much difference the support of our fellow humans makes here. more>
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