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Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshohps
By Hanna
Welcome to this newsletter, with information around the Apprenticeship and the Music Medicine shop and a great article from Kristin. Her sharing -and chats with her and others about blood family, roots and our dance with that- did inspire me to write about my experiences. But the time for it isn't here yet, the words aren’t ready to form into a piece of writing. Enjoy reading, and feel free to send experiences or so to share in this space. Here are the upcoming Movement Medicine workshops, one of them about roots and ancestry (wish I could be there): more>
The Dance of Continuity and Change
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Hi all. We want to let you know about the process of change that we, Susannah and Ya’Acov, are dancing with right now, especially in terms of our roles in the field of Movement Medicine. As you probably know, up till now, the basis of our deep long-term work with people has been the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme. The modules and electives of the Apprenticeship create a catalytic context designed to support apprentices to apply the practices and principles of Movement Medicine in their own lives, both on and off the dance floor. more>
Privacy Policy
By Roland
The laws about how any organisation or company can use your data are being strengthened. We think this is a really good thing - it gives us all more power to stop unethical companies misusing our personal information. We have made a few changes to our privacy policy to comply with the new legislation and we wanted to make sure you had a chance to look at these. more>
Take the ONE Seat
By Kristin
Dear Community, some of you might have seen the interview I gave with CNN Money Switzerland recently. I felt the urge to share with you about the context of and the time before the interview.
A couple of month ago my parents both were challenged by health issues and I was called home to the house I grew up in. My parents themselves didn't ask me to come, but I felt strongly that it was time to return. To me this was a strong and challenging journey as I had been avoiding the place of my birth and much of my family grounds. more>
Music Medicine: Cherish Everything, Change, New Music and Celebration!
By Susannah
Music Medicine has a new woman at its centre, as Emily Pearce, who has been tenderly and beautifully tending the shop for the last year, is passing the baton to Claire Taylor, whose beautiful upcycled clothes, cherish everything, will be familiar to those of you who’ve been to our ‘Shop Nights’ during Movement Medicine intensives at Rill. Thank you so much Emily. I, and I’m sure all our customers who you’ve taken such great care of, wish you very well in your next steps. more>
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