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Issue: March Newsletter
Interview with Faculty Teacher Christian de Sousa

This is the next contribution in our series of interviews we published over the last year with the faculty teachers of the School of Movement Medicine, who all play a very important part in the School through their teaching, their coaching, their experience and their support. Christian de Sousa is sharing an audio-interview with us in which he speaks to some of the questions that Patricia and myself put together. Enjoy!

Once again myself and Patricia wish to thank Christian and the other faculty teachers who have put time and energy into these interviews. I also wish to thank Christian for going playfully along with our unusual format of not holding the interview personally, put instead leaving the questions with each of the interviewees, to do what works best individually – writing, audio or video; a format of ‘interviewing yourself’.

To go to the 30 minute interview, please click here

Upcoming workshops with Christian:

23–25 March: Dreaming and Creating with Christian. Rome, Italy.
Through the dance we can reconnect to our dreams and allow it to awaken our creativity. As everything in this creation, we humans are also subject to and blessed by the essential forces of Yin and Yang – in our doing, dreaming, creating and becoming. We will play with and discover the energies of Yin and Yang as the central principles outside and inside ourselves, and in a dance of respect and curiosity, weaving them together into our being, dreaming and creating.
Contact Tamara & Silvana: +39 3396571499; info

27–29 April: Dreaming and Creating with Christian. London, UK.
Including an all-night-ceremony.

25–27 May: Dreaming and Creating with Christian. Hamburg, Germany.
Contact Nina Jütting: +49 (0)172 415 2070; 

1822 July: Roots – Dancing With the Ancestors with Christian. Kientalerhof, Alps, Switzerland.
Contact Ursula Haas: +41 76 453 30 87;

21–23 September: Ecstatic Nature Dancing with the Elements with Christian. Basel, Switzerland.
Contact Ursula Haas: +41 76 453 30 87;

And here is a link to Christian’s music mixes for home dancing practice.

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