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Our Community and Upcoming Events and Workshops
By Hanna
I welcome you to another Movement Medicine Newsletter. Wherever you are, inside and outside, it is so good that you are here and part of this community! Having just returned back home from my last Apprenticeship module (including the Winter Dream Dance), I am feeling very grateful for this Movement Medicine community in a deep and multi-layered way, which is still to fully sink into my being. more>
The Well-Spring Flows (all in good time) ...
By Ya'Acov
The older I get, the more precious time becomes. The poignant passing of the seasons and the reality that every minute, death comes closer is simultaneously the sharpest thorn on the rose and its sweetest perfume. It’s hard to believe that it’s already spring equinox. And time’s bendy nature makes it seem that every year, it gets here quicker. My father died on the spring equinox 23 years ago. If I were to die at the same age as he did, I’d have two more springs to enjoy after this one. more>
Would the Girl that I was be Proud of the Woman I Have Become?
By Susannah
One of the incredible assistants in the recent Apprenticeship ‘Immersion’ module wore a striking tee-shirt with these words on the back: “Est-ce le petit garçon que tu étais, fier de l'homme que tu es devenu?”: “Would the boy that you were be proud of the man that you are?” These words touched something deep inside me: “Would the girl that I was be proud of the woman I have become?” more>
Interview with Faculty Teacher Christian de Sousa
This is the next contribution in our series of interviews we published over the last year with the faculty teachers of the School of Movement Medicine, who all play a very important part in the School through their teaching, their coaching, their experience and their support. Christian de Sousa is sharing an audio-interview with us in which he speaks to some of the questions that Patricia and myself put together. Enjoy! more>
The Gap: Reclaiming Dynamic Balance in Challenging Times
By Jo Hardy
I am not a writer but I am a passionate and experienced teacher. I love this work and it is my passion to deeply support those who pass through my workshops and mentoring sessions to be the best versions of themselves they can be in any given moment. Life seems pretty complex at this time, with many challenges and outrages and many calls for each of us to ‘step up’. And yet, for myself, the overwhelming number of these calls can just seem too much at times. more>
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