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Issue: February Newsletter
Movement Medicine Webinars

By Roland
We receive quite a few questions about the Movement Medicine webinars – Bringing the Dance Back Home – so I thought I would write a short piece about the webinars for the newsletter. The most common question are: Q: What if I miss a live webinar? A: Don’t worry. There is an archive section on the webinar site where you can access not only the latest webinar but nearly all the webinars going back to 2011 amounting to 65 webinars which is nearly 100 hours of viewing.

Q: How long does my subscription last?

A: Your subscription covers the period for the next 10 live webinars. In practice this is about 1 year.

Q: How much do the webinars cost?

A: The cost for the period of 10 live webinars is £35. However, from 6th Feb through till 13th March there is a special offer price of £25.

Q: When is the next webinar?

A: There is a webinar scheduled for tonight, run by Susannah. The March webinar will be on the 13th of March, run by Ya’Acov.

Q: Who are the webinars for?

A: The webinars are for anyone who wants to experience a led Movement Medicine session in their own home. Those who subscribe include both experienced dancers and those who have never been to a Movement Medicine class or workshop.

Q: Can I experience a webinar before I sign up?

A: Yes, you can! If you click here you will find a copy of Ya’Acov’s December 2017 webinar for you to enjoy

Q: How do I sign up?

A: The easiest way is to go the school of Movement Medicine website through this link and use the sign up button at the bottom of the page.

Q: What if I sign up and then decide that it is not for me?

A: Don’t worry. If you contact us within 48 hours of your first live webinar of your subscription and let us know that you want to cancel, we will return you money to you.

Hope this is useful

I wish you a great 2018 on and off the dancefloor

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