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Issue: February Newsletter
Interview with Faculty Teacher Jo Hardy

This is the next contribution in our series of interviews that appeared over the last few months with the faculty teachers of the School of Movement Medicine, who are such an important part of the school, contributing their offerings of rich and transformative dance-scapes and through coaching and support and much more. Jo Hardy is the first one to make a video of the questions put forward at the beginning of last year. Enjoy Jo's sharing of her journey with dance, movement medicine, teaching, etc.
Questions: Patricia and Hanna

Here is the LINK to the video-interview.

Patricia and Hanna wish to thank Jo and the other faculty teachers who have put time and energy into the co-creation of these interviews. I also wish to thank Jo for going playfully along with our unusual format of not holding the interview personally, but leaving the questions with each of the teachers, individually chosing to engage through writing, audio or video.

This is also a good place to share some information about two of Jo's upcoming Movement Medicine workshops in England and Germany:

31 Mar–5 Apr: Compost and RosesAP Elective with Jo Hardy. Rill Estate, Devon, UK.
The compost and the rose. Both seem so opposing, in smell, appearance, meaning etc., yet they are of the same existence, two sides of the same coin, the one emerging from the other and vice versa. In this deep immersion we will discover what the compost is that everyone brings, in form of personal wounds and challenges, and how that shapes and is also the nourishment for our ‘rosesbeing who we are and continuously becoming. A powerful and enabling process. [APPRENTICES ONLY]
Contact Roland: +44 (0)1803 762255;

13–15 Apr: Kindness is … with Jo Hardy. Isle of Sylt, Germany.
Move! Evening on Apr 12.
This workshop is a beautiful invitation we seldom get: to find, spend time with and express that kindness inside ourselves – towards ourselves and others. A safe and playful space to dance with the deep textures of our hearts and emotions, to allow ourselves to be and open fully. A safe space to dance with deep challenges, held by compassion, unearthing that deep wisdom underneath old wounds or emotions.
Contact Petra Cegla:
+49 4651 871276;
For this workshop, see also that link (conscious dance space).

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