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Issue: February Newsletter
Remembering the Truth of Who We Are

By Roland
On Wednesday 14th of February Ya’Acov will be taking part in the 10-day free global online event Remembering the Truth of Who We Are. This event is an opportunity to gain understanding and wisdom to guide you forward with renewed vision and purpose. It includes interviews, meditations, rituals and exercises with 34 thought leaders, experts, scientists, wisdom-keepers, shamans, and healing practitioners.

It takes place from February 7-16 and attendance is free to all who register. If you do register, you will also gain access to an audio recording of the first chapter of Ya’Acov’s book Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart. You can find out more and register here. Ya’Acov’s session takes place from 6pm UK time on Wednesday 14th February, and will include a live 45-60 minute interview followed by 30 minutes live questions and answers from the audience.

Here’s what the organisers say about the event:
Do you find these times intense? You are not alone. Everything is shifting very quickly now. We are being powerfully called to recalibrate and upgrade virtually every aspect of our lives. We are being asked to evolve more quickly than human beings ever have before.

The single most important thing for you to know is that YOU have far greater power than you could possibly realize. And by getting really clear on what is TRUE for you, and then removing from your life all that is FALSE ... You truly will change the world.

When we do the deep inner work to find our true mission and purpose, and then devote the rest of our lives to that mission, we are going to change the world. When we acknowledge our own healing powers, and use them to heal ourselves and others, we are going to change the world. When we empower our children and grandchildren, the world's future leaders, to value and strengthen their innate interconnection with nature and all of life, we are going to change the world. It's already happening. Everything is already changing. Can you feel it?

If you know you are meant to be an unstoppable part of this movement, the great awakening of human consciousness on our planet, then I'm thrilled to invite you to a free online speaker series I'll be presenting. It's called Remembering the Truth of Who We Are ~ Global Awakening Experience; it airs from February 7February 16, 2018.

This is a free global online event showcasing many experts who will offer their wisdom, research, and personal expertise.

Click here to learn more and to register.

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