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Resources, within and without AND Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Hello and welcome to the first Movement Medicine Newsletter of this year. Some of the contributions speak of resources in some way or other – our forests as resource of life, the resource of oil, the resource of the unbroken, resource of pause and gentleness, the resource of friendship, and of course the resource of movement, dance and expression. And as I am writing from Cape Town, currently in the middle of a big water challenge, I am also naming the resource of water as something exquisitely precious and invaluable. more>
Journey to the Amazon 2018
By Susannah
For me, being in the Amazon is a sweet and searing privilege: a privilege, a responsibility and a profound gift. Sweet… in the sounds of life… 360 degrees of a symphony of diversity at all times of day and night, the vast spectrum of green, the incredible trees, the birds, the rivers, the river dolphins, the monkeys, the oxygen, the knowledge that there are no roads for 100s of miles in any direction, the incredibly gentle and strong indigenous people… All this. Sweet beyond words. more>
Celebrating the Unbroken in Messy Times
By Ya'Acov
It’s been a full throttle start to the year and it’s going to be continuing as far as my eyes can see. I’ve been away from home now for five weeks bringing our work to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, a beautiful community called Terra Mirim in Salvador, Brazil, San Francisco, Port Townsend and Seattle and I will end my tour at the end of this week in Vancouver. more>
Interview with Faculty Teacher Jo Hardy
This is the next contribution in our series of interviews that appeared over the last few months with the faculty teachers of the School of Movement Medicine, who are such an important part of the school, contributing their offerings of rich and transformative dance-scapes and through coaching and support and much more. Jo Hardy is the first one to make a video of the questions put forward at the beginning of last year. Enjoy Jo's sharing of her journey with dance, movement medicine, teaching, etc.
Questions: Patricia and Hanna more>
Opportunities for Practice, Participation and Learning
By Ya'Acov and Susannah
Having just returned from our Amazon-Journey, we are starting our new year with many exciting dances and co-creations awaiting. Here is a short article from both of us, to share with you about our work, including some information and inspiration of how to stay in touch with the Movement Medicine community and how to keep practising and expanding in your personal practice. more>
Remembering the Truth of Who We Are
By Roland
On Wednesday 14th of February Ya’Acov will be taking part in the 10-day free global online event Remembering the Truth of Who We Are. This event is an opportunity to gain understanding and wisdom to guide you forward with renewed vision and purpose. It includes interviews, meditations, rituals and exercises with 34 thought leaders, experts, scientists, wisdom-keepers, shamans, and healing practitioners. more>
Movement Medicine Webinars
By Roland
We receive quite a few questions about the Movement Medicine webinars – Bringing the Dance Back Home – so I thought I would write a short piece about the webinars for the newsletter. The most common question are: Q: What if I miss a live webinar? A: Don’t worry. There is an archive section on the webinar site where you can access not only the latest webinar but nearly all the webinars going back to 2011 amounting to 65 webinars which is nearly 100 hours of viewing. more>
The Power of the Pause
By Susannah
Here is Ivor – one of my two new teachers of love, patience and leadership from the heart. He is one of those flighty, extremely sensitive and easily defensive type of Exmoor ponies. Today I realised something that I wanted to share that has really helped me with him and is relevant, in slightly different ways, to us humans. It's what ‘pony whisperer’ Dawn Westcott calls ‘the power of the pause’. more>
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