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Issue: November Newsletter
News from the Music Medicine Shop

By Emily and Susannah
I took on the care of the Music Medicine shop in August and it has been a pleasure working with Susannah and getting to know some of the wonderful music and products we have available and sharing them with you. If you haven't done so yet, do take a listen to the recent 4th “Music for Life” album: “For the Love of Life” with tracks from Danit, Reuben Darling Khan, Ayla, Chloe Goodchild, Volker Kazinski and others.

This album has many beautiful songs, 100% of the profits go to the Pachamama Alliance, and perhaps you can give it to someone, or one of our gift vouchers for Christmas! Wishing you deep nourishment and inspiration from all that we offer here.

And here’s some news regarding Susannah’s new album of instructional tracks to support a Movement Medicine home practice, called: Life Grooves. We hope this album will be ready before Christmas, and, if pre-ordered, will be sent to you as soon as it is. The normal price will be £9.90, the special advanced purchase price is £7.00.

Warm wishes, Emily.

Susannah: After working on “Torch Songs”, which was such a deep labour of love, I felt that the next music that was needed from me was some more Movement Medicine instructional tracks, which were more up to date with the vibe of how we are now teaching Movement Medicine. On the Music Medicine FB page I asked for people’s requests, and the first one that arrived was asking for a track to begin the day. We thought this was a great idea, and two of these tracks are made for greeting and ending the day.

Having worked so deeply with Stef Vink at the Long Dance and having experienced his capacity to work with his keyboard with our drums, bringing forth such heart and magic from within the tapestry of our medicine drum sounds, this is the musical basis of this album: Drums (played by Ya’Acov and myself plus drums programmed in by Volker) and my instructions. As well as the two pieces for beginning and ending the day, there is an “Awakening the Dancer” and a “Mesa Practice”, taking the dancer on two journeys from inner universe to connecting with your own circle and then the outer universe and back in again. And all the tracks will be available without the words too. We are experimenting with this album only being available as MP3 downloads. Feedback welcome!

I'm really grateful that our dear friend Volker Kaczinski has been the music engineer. It’s been so good to work in team together again, THANK YOU Volker!

"Life Grooves" contains eight tracks: Four for a Movement Medicine home practice with instruction, and then the same four without the words. Each of the tracks is between 12 and 20 minutes long:
Track 1) "Greeting the Day", to start your day with energy, connection and intention. Track 2) “Awakening the Dancer”. Track 3) “Mesa Practice”. Track 4) "Ending the Day", to finish the day with a good dance, bringing in the harvest of the day, and a chance to release what ever needs releasing. All the tracks are drums (two with Ya'Acov and myself) with Stef Vink on piano and keyboard. They are included as Tracks 5,6,7 and 8 on the MP3 as instrumentals (without the instruction).

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