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Issue: September Newsletter
Good News from Kenya!

Some of you have followed Susannah's articles of her visits to Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa earlier this year. As you may recall the community and land around Sveva Gallmann in Kenya, who is co-leading a nature conservation foundation, has been going through extreme challenges this year. Here are some good news to share.

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to say that after a harrowing year, a semblance of normality and a gentler rhythm is finally returning to the highlands of Ol Ari Nyiro. Heavy rains have drenched the thirsty dust. Most of the cattle have moved away , and so green grass is pushing its way through the red earth. The buffalo are looking fatter and the elephants are enjoying the mud, we have been seeing quite a few lions for the first time in over a year and have had a family of wild dogs criss crossing the Engelesha Plains. We are making the most of the rain and planting thousands of trees.

ICFC Offer Matching Funds
We are very pleased to announce that our wonderful friends at the International Conservation Fund of Canada have offered a 100% match for all donations received. We lost a lot of infrastructure this year which is absolutely vital to supporting our conservation efforts- ranger bases, a tractor, a vehicle and lots of anti-poaching equipment from a store, so we would like to raise USD 100,000 to replace some of it. If you’ve been thinking about sending us a donation, please do! Now is the time. If you feel called, click here for donations.

Our work of rebuilding is only just beginning. Thankfully some enlightened leadership was elected locally in the August 8th elections and so we are very busy, engaging with our communities and local government to devise a strategy which will prevent the devastation and violence that we have seen this year. We must tackle the root causes of desertification and over grazing whilst supporting community livelihoods through innovative social enterprises. Our Pokot Youth Peace Team has been busy training and performing and more youths want to join the program every day. Their message is crucial at this time.

With the touching resilience of Elephants
sounds in the night,
silent soft steps
in Great Numbers the vast shadows are back with the rains,
to walk the  paths of Ol Ari Nyiro once more,
the memory of which they have inherited from past generations of ancestors:
where they were born
where they came  back to breed and -at the end of their long life- they will return to die, surrounded by the support  of their clan and family.
I feel such a great affinity..
In Praise of the Elephants!

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