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Issue: September Newsletter
Expansion and Islands of Light

By Hanna
Since this morning, looking from our apartment onto the ocean, beautiful rays of light have been streaming through the cloudy skies from time to time: clear, straight rays, casting round, various sized and bright ‘light-islands’ onto the surface of the waters. Absolutely magical ...!

This week there is new moon, the Jewish New Year and it is Equinox. There is our local monthly peace prayer Satsang evening happening, a cleansing sweat lodge and the local Movement Medicine community is also holding its equinox night-ceremony to which I am looking forward to. Here in Cape Town the colours and flowers of spring and a new beginning are spilling themselves out into and over the land and mountains, while the whales are seen again in the bay, as whale season has started. And we are back in your inbox after the annual break of newsletter and MM workshops, starting another round of both.
The cells inside me are feeling and whispering: Fresh and new beginnings.

I am also having a sense of expansion, generally, of the threads and the embodiment of the work of Movement Medicine. I am sensing this in our more virtual community online that shares snippets of the spreading and birthing of MM inspired contributions. I am sensing it in our local community of dance and MM, and it becomes apparent when I sit down to compile the ‘Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops’ article – in the vastness and variety of offerings! I am sensing this same expansion in Susannah and Ya’Acov’s intention of making their work more accessible to the ‘main stream’ and in the spreading of Ya’Acov’s book, “Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart”. I also get a sense of this when reading Susannah and Ya’Acov’s article of this newsletter: her sharing a wonderful piece of deep honesty, beauty, bravery and insight, him sharing (amongst other things) more about the radiating outward of MM beyond dance.

The continuously outward expanding of a particularly beautiful ray of light – Movement Medicine – is finding more and more ways of manifestation, it seems to me.

I am this particular expansion myself, yet I also am partly a witness to this expansion of the spirit of Movement Medicine. Here is what I see:
I see more and more clear rays of light expanding from a centre outward and I see more and more ‘light islands’ emerge and grow. It is like the image I was gifted to see today with the sun rays coming through the cloudy sky onto the ocean’s surface: one single stream of light brings forth a whole ‘light-island’ where it ‘touches down’. To me the rays of light are all the teachers and facilitators who are stepping out into their communities to offer various, personalized Movement Medicine experiences, more and more sprouting up in so many different places. The ‘light islands’ I see as the growing communities around each one of these bearers of the spirit of Movement Medicine.
I also see these sun rays and ‘light Islands’ as I am writing up the MM calender article and acknowledge just HOW much variety there is and how it is growing through the faculty teachers of the school and the unique blend of expansion and healing each one offers.

So I am sensing and witnessing an overall further ripening, expanding and ’filling out’ of that which is Movement Medicine around the world. And my heart responds with a bright radiating joy from within that nurtures this hope that lives in the centre of my being, I have been writing about before ...

May all of us find the courage and the support to keep radiating with our own unique beautiful rays of light, out into our lives and communities around the world, casting ‘islands of light’.


For more information on local Movement Medicine events, possibly in your area, have a look at the Movement Medicine Association website.

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