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Expansion and Islands of Light
By Hanna
Since this morning, looking from our apartment onto the ocean, beautiful rays of light have been streaming through the cloudy skies from time to time: clear, straight rays, casting round, various sized and bright Ďlight-islandsí onto the surface of the waters. Absolutely magical ...! more>
A Postcard from my Learning Edge
By Susannah
Dear all,
Iím going to try and share something about our relationship as we are evolving in it. Enough of you have asked me searching questions in a particular vein to make me feel that itís time to speak. As you may have seen on FB, Iíve done a string of videos recently of me interviewing YaíAcov about his personal experience and purpose(s) in writing his recent book: 'Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart'. Having witnessed his process of writing it from close up, I knew there were aspects of this that I wanted other people to share too. more>
Ending the Blame Game
By Ya'Acov
Itís the Jewish new year this week. It has always felt right to me that the new year begins in the autumn. Itís such a time of change. I love the sweet melancholy that accompanies natureís magical display of colour that heralds the death of the summer. I didnít use to. I was looking for a reason for the feelings. September is back to work time for me. A new beginning after summerís delicious pause. more>
Die Wiedergeburt der Wind-Elfin
By Simone
Here is a precious poem which we decided to leave in the original language, German. And this contribution too speaks of rebirth and new beginnings, resonating with this kind of theme of this newsletter. more>
Interview with Ben Yeger
This is the next interview of a series of interviews with the faculty teachers of the School of Movement Medicine, who play an important part in the School through their teaching, coaching and their support. Enjoy, as you are finding out just a little more about them and their relationship to dance, embodiment and Movement Medicine.
Questions by Hanna and Patricia. more>
Good News from Kenya!
Some of you have followed Susannah's articles of her visits to Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa earlier this year. As you may recall the community and land around Sveva Gallmann in Kenya, who is co-leading a nature conservation foundation, has been going through extreme challenges this year. Here are some good news to share. more>
Music Medicine
By Susannah
With a fresh season of Movement and Music Medicine after the summer break, here are some exciting and inspiring news of the Music Medicine shop, offering yet more musical magic to the community. Let the music touch your soul, sing your heart, heal your body and enchant your mind. more>
Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Wow! The fact that the writing of upcoming events have taken me the longest this time speaks of the vast amount of offerings there are to explore in the next two months. I am sensing such enthusiasm, creativity and joy behind all these workshops, as well as such richness and variety. I personally would love to go to most of them myself! more>
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