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Issue: June Newsletter
Back to Africa: Part 3

By Susannah
Hi all, I promised to write another article about my journey in Africa, and I haven’t yet managed it. Since I was in Kenya there have been some strong things happening. Here is an article about it. Sveva is the woman who invited me to Kenya, to the Gallmann Conservancy. Kuki, Sveva’s mother, is the woman I quoted at the end of my first “Back to Africa” article.

The Mukutan sanctuary is where I received such healing and direction from the hot springs and the power of the earth there and slept beneath the stars. This is the place that was burnt down two weeks later. We were the last guests to be there.

So I’m connected, and, as I know that some of you have been tuned into Africa with me, I thought you might want to know more about what’s been happening there. If you find yourself inclined to reach out a hand in support, I encourage you to do so. This is amazing work for the future of our wild life here on this earth, not in opposition to the needs of people, but in tandem with them.

It’s a very hard and challenging time for the Gallmann Conservancy and my respect, love and gratitude for their work are with them. Thank you for reading and taking this story in.


Info and article about the Gallmann Concervancy

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With Love!

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