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Issue: June Newsletter
Movement Medicine Ceremony and Upcoming Events and Workshops

By Hanna
Here is a beautiful newsletter before we go into our summer break. The interviews with the Faculty Teachers of the school that we started experienced a small 'hiccup' for this issue and will continue with the next one. I myself am in preparation to travel from South Africa to the UK to join the Summer Long Dance for the first time, having experienced a few shorter Movement Medicine ceremonies I would like to share about.

Having experienced shamanic and non-shamanic ceremonies since consciously walking and discovering my personal spiritual path over the last 15 years, the first time I experienced a Movement Medicine based ceremony, I knew for myself: this is very awesome, this is very real, this is very special, this is very deep as well as very 'high'; this is just the kind of ceremony my heart loooves, my whole spirit embraces and bathes in and during which my entire body is freed and cleared.

Why I love and honour these ceremonies so much? It includes the body and the dance fully, it embraces community continuously and deeply and it (almost) visibly builds and weaves these strong heart connections to fellow participants as well as to spirit – to the spirit within and the spirit without. It is deep, sacred and expansive while also being joyful, down-to-earth and fun. It includes and nurtures personal creativity and play through altar installations, dance, drumming, life music and singing and it is so refreshingly grounded, while being truly expansive, uplifting and conscious-altering.

It is a fully embodied experience and the powerful prayers that are sent out, the connections to spirit, to my own essence, to my ancestors and to all elements (inside myself and outside myself) are so, so tangible that the one time I was certain I was actually seeing these connections and threads going out and reaching in. So also with all the collective and personal intentions and invocations shared. They all find 'body' and can become visible to that inner 'eye' or perception of so many dimensions.

What I find particularly empowering is also that it comes and emerges through and from within all of us who participate. It does not need ingested medicine, nor a particular 'spiritual master' to build bridges, nor any external resources as such. Besides the drums, the singing, the music and prayers 'all' it needs is committed participants, open hearts, grounded feet and strong and clear intentions. The powerful transformation, the deep potency of real shift and the pure magic of these ceremonies, in co-creation (with fellow dancers and spirit), is created and raised through that deep personal spirit-connection (or soul-wisdom?) coming from within my very own resource – weaving together with the strong personal 'medicine' of each participant, emerging from deep within our beings, joining with the spirits called in and present during the ceremony.

On a level, and as I try to put words to this: there really are no words 'good (nor) enough' to describe this, but I tried. I guess best is: experience this for yourself and let your own heart find its own 'words' or songs or sounds or ... to whisper to you about this deeply touching, highly expansive and truly powerful experience of a Movement Medicine ceremony.

Another part that I much appreciate about these ceremonies, and which I personally feel is crucial, is the intentional integration time together with participants, as also the individual and personal integration after leaving. The latter of course remains up to the me, the individual, yet it can be prepared and encouraged and given tools for, or not.

Thorough integration to me adds to the 'realness' of these ceremonies. Bringing it down to Earth! Bringing and anchoring all that I received and experienced, all that I may have seen, heard, smelled and dreamt etc. into the body, into the cells, into my heart and into my being and doing of the next day, and the one after and the one after that … A harvesting and yielding, a bringing in and bringing home of the magic of this ceremony space, and of that personal and collective journey during the ceremony.

If you feel inspired to still sign up for the unique ceremony of the Summer Long Dance, get in touch with Roland. Come and dance, pray, celebrate, praise and offer; come and be lifted high and grounded deep.

I certainly am excited for this …!

Many warm greetings to all of you,


Upcoming Movement Medicine Events and Workshops:

June 7: Vulnerability and Power in the Shaman’s World – talk, shamanic journey and launch of Ya’Acov’s new book with Ya'Acov and Susannah. London, UK.
This evening offers the participants a reading from Ya'Acov's new book, a talk followed by a live music led shamanic journey, and a book-signing.
Contact: 020 7287 6711;

June 8: Balancing Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine with Susannah and Ya'Acov. Talk. Online.
This is part of a very exciting 3-day live online event (6–8 June) about the urgent importance to balance the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine within ourselves and in our world, with various speakers on the topic.
More information also here.

June 14–18: The Shaman's Door with Ya'Acov. Warsaw, Poland.
This weekend has the participant discover more of who they are and what the personal medicines are from the past. It invites to connect with that unique individual soul-energy that we carry, and engages the dancer with what is really and truly close to the heart and therefore a part of a future vision to go for.
Contact Olga Mieszczanek: +48 509 774 884;

June 20: Bringing the Dance Back Home with Susannah or Ya'Acov. Webinar, online.
This webinar offers you the music, space and guidance to discover and strengthen your personal dance practice at home (or wherever you are). Experience a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room, invite friends to join in, and feel connected as the wider Movement Medicine community is joining in.
Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255;

June 24–25:  Resource with David Mooney. Antwerp, Belgium.
With Awakening the Dancer on June 23.
However fast the word or the outside may be changing and moving, there is this great Resource we hold inside, which can keep us connected to our inner wisdom, intuition and to the deep knowledge of our heart and soul. This weekend is an invitation for the dancers to strengthen and widen this inner ground of centre and stability.
Luc: + 32 613 299 20;

June 3–6 July: The Summer Long Dance. Somerset, UK.
This large and annual community gathering of the School of Movement Medicine is the offering of a rich and long lasting ceremony to honour and praise life on earth and all our relations in this. It is a powerful healing and trans-formative experience in which the interconnectedness of all life and all beings, including all the dancers is felt, expressed and celebrated.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255;

July 11: Bringing the Dance Back Home with Ben Yeger. Webinar, online.
This webinar offers you the music, space and guidance to discover and strengthen your personal dance practice at home (or wherever you are). Experience a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room, invite friends to join in, and feel connected as the wider Movement Medicine community is joining in.
Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255;

29 July–6 August: Journey of Empowerment with Caroline Carey. Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland.
A wonder-filled and very well guided journey to aligning body, heart and mind, to finding more ground and stability as well as direction and empowerment, and to allowing and nurturing
self-compassion, self-expression and creativity. It is also the first step towards the Apprenticeship Program with Movement Medicine.
Contact Elisabeth Schrag:
+41 77 447 81 49;

16–20 August: The Oracle of Medicine with Caroline Carey. Veseli, Czech Republic.
Through powerful dance-, shamanic,- and creative craft tools, through heartfelt connections and through time spent in nature this deep journey takes the participants to meeting their very own personal medicine man/medicine woman, discovering and being with that which he/she is longing to be and to bring to this world.
Veronika Živa: +420 727 941 674;

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