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Issue: June Newsletter
Balancing Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine

By Jocelyn
This article is in connection with the online event Susannah, Ya'Acov and others are contributing to (68 June) on balancing the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine (see also upcoming events above).
This Earth is our precious, magical home. We as humans have lived in harmony with Mother Earth for many millennia, some accounts say as long as 180,000 years. We have depended upon Her herbs and trees and fruits and vegetables to heal us, shelter us, and nourish our bodies.

We have sought out relationships with the creatures that walk upon Mother Earth, the dogs and cats and horses whose hearts beat warm like ours, who have been our very best friends, protectors, and soul-companions for ages. The winged ones who remind us that we, too, can fly. The ancient peoples knew how to enter into the mind of the hawk or eagle to gain a clear vantage point of their location and to find their way through the woods. Then there are the great swimming ones who traverse the ocean depths and sing songs that come to us in dreams. The snakes with their powerful medicine; and the insects whose population has outnumbered ours since the beginning of time, and will until the end. We are a part of all of these, and they are a part of us, inseparable because we share a common Mother.

We have birthed our babies upon the Earth’s solid soil, raised them and watched them play among Her trees and ferns, bathed them in Her rains and rivers, sent them out to fulfil their destinies in the great wide world, and welcomed them back to our homesteads with love and hugs and kisses for tens of thousands of years or more.

We have walked barefoot upon Her; laid down in Her fields at night to stare marvelling up at the moon and stars; played in Her purifying snowfalls; and basked in Her summer sun on endless bright days.

Our hearts are attuned to Her heartbeat. Our lungs are perfectly formed to breathe the exact composition of oxygen that Her atmosphere offers. Our blood runs red from the iron that is within Her core and Her mountains and Her stones. Our blood is like Her oceans and Her rivers, flowing through our veins, carrying our life force in its currents.

All of this is gifted to us by our Mother Earth.

And then there is our relationship with Her Moon. That glorious moon, also a feminine spirit, which pulls at our inner tides, causing our emotions to rise and swell in beautiful cyclical patterns. The moon, which is actually moving away from the Earth – did you know that? – Yes, moving away, so this is the closest She will ever be. We see the Moon’s golden beauty crowning the horizon at harvest times and we feel shivers when Her silvery light sparkles high overhead on clear winter evenings. I don’t know about you, but late at night I go outside open my arms up to the sky and ask the Moon to send me mystery and magic into my life, and she smiles down at me and whispers, “All in good time.”

Our protector and provider, Father Sun, Father Sky, sends us all the abundance of the universe in the form of sun rays and powerful celestial energy. This masculine energy is our caretaker, our provider of everything that we could possibly need. It is said that the Sun provides 15,000 times more energy than all life on Earth could ever use. And so we are blanketed in abundance and cosmic magic every day.

We are the children of the Earth and Cosmos. We come from magic. All of the elders will tell you that once, long ago, everyone lived steeped in the magic, but after a time we humans began to place too much emphasis on money and power and success, and we forgot that the magic itself, the abundance of Father Sun, the sweet caress of the oceans, the nurturing of Mother Earth, was all we would ever need.

And we began to seek something outside of these.

And now we have been on a long journey of discovery and we have realized, at this late hour, that we do not actually need cars, and machines, and money, and iPhones. We are realizing, with some unsettling shock and surprise at first, that we need to unlearn all that modern society has taught us about buying things and working to earn a living and spending all of our time inside of square buildings instead of outdoors amidst the circles and cycles of Nature.

We are realizing that all we really need is the Sun and the Sky and the Moon and Mother Earth. That all of the abundance we could possibly ever want is already provided here for us. That the Earth and Sky are perfect in their abundance. That we still have Eden here with us, if we would just stop! Stop destroying! Stop searching so hard for something else!

And so we know this is truth, we feel it in our heart and soul. And we seek ways to share this truth with others. How can we find a balance in this counter-productive modern world that we have somehow created? We have lost the sacred reciprocity between humans and the Earth and Cosmos. We have relied for too long on a false masculine approach, centered around power and money. We have let the Sacred Masculine fall by the wayside. We have let the Sacred Feminine be shamed and tortured. How can we return to the originally-intended balance between the strengths and the magical qualities of both Masculine and Feminine?

How can we bring them both together, bring the world back into harmony, turn away from greed and power so that we can protect our Mother Earth?

With these questions in mind, I invite you to further explore finding this balance and how we can illuminate our path forward. In protection, respect, and honour for our beautiful home, the precious planet Earth.

I invite you to attend a unique and exciting new online event called
Balancing Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine to Illuminate Our Path: Within Ourselves, Within Our World.

This event is based upon the truth that we need both Masculine and Feminine, working together, in harmony, to create the change we wish to see in the world, and to provide the balance and the magic and mystery that we so deeply need. Yet it's quite difficult to find reliable, actionable information on how we can balance these aspects in our personal lives and in our world.

We will have 12 speakers who will offer their perspective and provide real ways that you can integrate Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine principles in your personal life, heal your relationship, and discover a more balanced approach for understanding and healing the world in which we live.

Click here to learn more and register: http://www.wearesacredplanet.

Many thanks for your assistance in sharing the announcement of this event with your audience. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Love and Light,


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