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Movement Medicine Ceremony and Upcoming Events and Workshops
By Hanna
Here is a beautiful newsletter before we go into our summer break. The interviews with the Faculty Teachers of the school that we started experienced a small 'hiccup' for this issue and will continue with the next one. I myself am in preparation to travel from South Africa to the UK to join the Summer Long Dance for the first time, having experienced a few shorter Movement Medicine ceremonies I would like to share about. more>
Becoming the Jaguar
By Ya'Acov
Why so much fuss? – it’s just a book after all … Yes, indeed it is, just a story. Here’s another one: When I was in the Amazon four years ago alongside Susannah and our colleague from the Pachamama Alliance, David Tucker, we visited the elder shaman Don Rafael Taisch. He lives in a village deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon called Wayusentsa. He is an extraordinary man. A jaguar shaman. more>
And Yes, I am Biased!
By Susannah
Dear all,
as I guess you know, Ya’Acov’s new book is about to come out into the world. Let me share a prediction with you. Once you pick it up, you’re not going to want to put it down. I imagine, it will blow your mind and blow your heart open too. And I own my bias; I am Ya’Acov’s wife. more>
Balancing Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine
By Jocelyn
This article is in connection with the online event Susannah, Ya'Acov and others are contributing to (6–8 June) on balancing the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine (see also upcoming events above).
This Earth is our precious, magical home. We as humans have lived in harmony with Mother Earth for many millennia, some accounts say as long as 180,000 years. We have depended upon Her herbs and trees and fruits and vegetables to heal us, shelter us, and nourish our bodies. more>
Re-Source Life Lab, My Report on this Growing Edge of My Own Teaching Practice
By Susannah
I was excited and a bit nervous about delivering my new concept Life Lab weekend 'workshop' in London a few weeks ago. On my birthday vision quest last summer I received a clear sense that one important direction for me at this point in my life is about bringing the learning from my life so far, including Movement Medicine itself, into the mainstream. I have the feeling that we are ready for the mainstream and the mainstream is ready for us. I have the feeling that I am ready for the mainstream and the mainstream is ready for me. more>
An Ancestor Speaks
By Susannah DK and Dick S. Darlington
Some time again my father gave me this piece of writing from my grandfather, his father: Dick Samuel Darlington, who died before I was born. Meeting him in this piece of writing about an experience he had in the First World War has been strong for me, and I’d like to share it with you. I feel proud to have him at my back. His words speak for themselves.
With love and gratitude for all our grandparents, and for everyone who has come through war with any of their humanity intact, Susannah DK more>
Back to Africa: Part 3
By Susannah
Hi all, I promised to write another article about my journey in Africa, and I haven’t yet managed it. Since I was in Kenya there have been some strong things happening. Here is an article about it. Sveva is the woman who invited me to Kenya, to the Gallmann Conservancy. Kuki, Sveva’s mother, is the woman I quoted at the end of my first “Back to Africa” article. more>
FREE Online Events
By Roland
There a couple of FREE online events coming up very soon that we would like to bring to your attention. more>
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